10 Smart Ways to do Exercise with an Adjustable Standing Desk to Improve your Health and Productivity

A desk job for 6 to 8 hours is not that easy as other people see this. Most of the time people are not aware of their sitting duty and heavy workload with heavy responsibly that can raise their anxiety level as well as several physical issues.

Now it has been revealed in several researchers that sitting prolonged can harm your muscle strength and can raise severe body aches and week bone and muscle strength. So, if you are one of them who has excess sitting or desk work then this article is fully dedicated to you and read carefully until the end.

An adjustable sitting and standing desk can be a good option for your precious health and relaxation. With a standing desk exercise, you can fetch lots of positive changes in your official life as well as you can use them at your home also.

#1. Start a New Dimension of Sitting Exercise

Doing exercise at your workplace is not a taboo now and if you are feeling shy about what other people say then leave this illusion at your back. Because once you have started then see the positive and fast reflection on others and they will surely ask you and follow you.

Doing sitting exercise is one of the easy but effective ways to stay healthy at your workplace. All you just need to do, sit comfortably on your chair and contract your leg and butt muscles for a few seconds then release it. Take rest for some seconds then repeat the process again. Only in one or two weeks, you will see the positive results.

Your muscle will become strong and pain-free. After sometime you can practice this exercise on your standing adjustable desk as well.

If you had ever used a sit-stand desk then you must know all of its pros and cons but if you had never used this then buy this for sure from a genuine place like Autonomous.

#2. Don’t Forget the Regular Exercise

Regular exercise like squats is considered to most basic steps of exercises but naturally, we have no enough time for doing this, especially the official people. So, what to do, do it at your workplace, yes you have read properly.

And a sitting-standing adjustable desk can become your helper, especially for the beginners and one of the pleasant facts of doing squats with a adjustable height standing desk is that it won’t interrupt your work. You can read your e-mails or any other doc file with doing exercise.

First of all, keep your head, back and neck straight. Keep a fine distance between your legs; now bend your knees with keeping your arms straight and strain your thighs, when you feel they are similar to the floor then come back to the previous position.

Do the whole procedure slowly and calmly, never do hurry for doing any exercise and this is the golden rule for a fine performance and an appropriate result.

#3. Extend your Legs with an Adjustable Desk

Sitting for a long time and bending your legs for a long time as well both are the root of a poor physic and anxiety. When you are sitting and doing something then your legs are spare and when you are standing then also you are straining your legs with your weight, both conditions are dangerous.

So what you should do? Well, it is very easy, first of all, adjust your stand up desk so that you can lift your legs and now sit straight and keep your arms in a comfortable position. Now extend your one leg and lift it up similar to your hip height, hold for a minute then come to the back position. Repeat the process with the second leg then do with both legs together and do this whenever you feel to do.

#4. Muscle Squeezing can Raise Your Productivity

Whole day typing work makes you feel tired and panic. Your hands, neck and shoulders are not a part of the machine, they also need a break and a trigger point of relaxation.

Muscle squeezing exercise can be performed on your sitting-standing adjustable desk and even on your chair.  Just sit comfortably and keep both hands on your shoulders and move them in clockwise and anti-clockwise position. Do this process for 5 to 10 minutes; also move your neck like this as well as your wrists.

This is one of the easiest exercises that also won’t attract much attention from your coworkers. Even they will surely ask you how you are doing and tell them the same.

#5. Put Your Hands to the Ceiling

A sitting work can raise your body fat and make you look flabby and chubby. This is a worst fact that you have to pay attention to it. You do sitting work for 6 to 8 hours or sometimes more than that, on your desk, you are eating and drinking tea or coffee full of calories. But, you have no time to burn the calories to lose weight.

For shoulder pain and fluffy armpits, you can perform this light exercise that is quite easy. What you simply do that sit in a relaxed mode and keep your both arms up straightly to the ceiling or in simple words in the air. Keep them like that for a few minutes then release them, repeat this process for 3 to 4 times.

If you haven’t a comfortable chair then use your adjustable stand up desk for this exercise.

#6. Hold Tight and Leave Calmly

Doing an exercise, while working in your office is not a surprising thing of nowadays. People are becoming smart and advanced day by day so as the new technologies are inventing according to the necessity.

Your upper body exercise is also important as your lower body exercise. And you can perform this with some simple steps like abdominal curves. When you sit for a long time, your abdomen muscles get shrink and strained that causes excess fat or sometimes abdominal cramps.

So what you simply do that, sit in a comfortable position, cross both of your hands on your chest. Now hold your abdominal muscles for some seconds then release it. Repeat this process for 4 to 5 times.

#7. Keep doing Your Business with Moving on

One of the prior advantages of adjustable standing desk is that you can stay active and energetic whole day. Now you will be eager to know how? An adjustable sitting-standing desk allows you to sit or stand according to your height and comfort level.

With that, if you are using a fine quality height adjustable standing desk then you can do desk pushups. If you love to do exercise but your official floor is too dirty that stops you to do pushups then use your stand up desk for doing pushups.

Except that you can do many other activities like moving around and walking. These small activities look simple but their effects are really great and superb. If you are still suspecting for an adjustable height standing desk then we must say that first experience by yourself.

#8. Stay Healthy and Fit at Your Office

Staying healthy and fit all the time is the dream of everybody. Nobody wants to look fatty or with extra belly around their stomach but in this modern age people have no time for exercise so what should they do now?

If you are considering yourself as a smart and an intelligent person then we have no doubt that you will choose the smart way to get rid of this situation. Whole day official work and excess sitting can lead you through several physical issues and fatigue.

It has been found in several studies that the people who use a sitting-standing adjustable desk in their routine work feeling more active and confident than non-users. Suppose you are doing much important work for many hours but you can’t take a break what will you suppose to do?

If you are using a stand up desk than you can adjust it according to your choice and keep on doing your remaining work without any interruption. Also, the adjustable standing desk is not like a rocket science to manage, you can easily assemble it, manage it and adjust it. If you purchase a stand up desk from a genuine site then you can have a fine quality product at a reasonable price.

#9. No Time for Walking, not to Worry now

It is said that walking is a great exercise for keeping yourself healthy and fit and the other plus point is that it is quite easy.  No extra shaking or moving or doing extra efforts are needed for walking but people have no time for that also because they do late night work and the next morning the same office and the same routine.

Now you will surely start thinking that how an adjustable standing desk is related to walking? Well, directly a stand-up desk is not related to walking but if your first priority is your work and second is walking and want to connect both then a stand-up desk can help you.

Just adjust a standing desk according to your height and enable your e-mails and from far you can check them or read them and also can continue your walking procedure, isn’t it’s a great idea. Sometimes many people complain that adjustable standing desk is not worthy of them. So we must tell you that the height adjustable standing desk that you will buy from Autonomous which has been providing such a great quality and smart sitting and standing adjustable desks that are adorable and easy to assemble. is a much convenient method that will directly change your sedentary life.

It will help you to fight with your stress and fatigue also you need not leave your work in the middle. Our stand up desk has a sturdy and wide top that allows you to do several body activities and work together. Your ordinary desk has no ability to do that even an ordinary desk can’t even manage your personal stuff.

#10. Now Hamstring is not only for the Athletes

A hamstring exercise is one of the favorite activities of athletes and bodybuilders. Hamstring curls and hamstring squats make your muscles strong and flexible but you can also do hamstring curls at your workplace with an adjustable standing desk. Yes, it is not a joke.

Whenever you feel fatigue or stress, just stand up and take a deep breath then adjust your standing desk. Put your both hands on your desktop and lift your one leg backside and do up and down. Do the same process with the second leg and repeat for 5 to 10 minutes.

People also do this with a sitting chair but with an adjustable standing desk. It would be easier to do and you can see the instant results after performing this. Meanwhile, keep your breath calm and slowly and keep your body straight and firmly.

As a conclusion we must say that health is a precious wealth with that earn is also important, both are needed for living a happy and healthy life. That’s why we will suggest that never compromise with your health, especially when there are many effective and smart ways are available to help you.

A fine quality adjustable sitting and standing desk cost nothing in front of your health. Your nagging can harm you more than your thinking. So, choose an appropriate platform for buying a adjustable standing desk and Autonomous fulfill all the capable requirements regarding adjustable height standing desk.

It is available in two different editions, the first one is the home edition that includes a single motor system and the other one is the business edition that includes a dual motor system. Both are the finest models of this company. Both products come with a 1-year warranty and if you are not satisfied with the product then you can go for 30-day free trial.

For further query and information, you can read the customer reviews or visit www.Autonomous.ai.

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