5 Advantages of Sustainable Food Packaging

Sustainable food packaging is a relatively new, environmentally safe, and healthier option particularly when it comes to packaging food. In 2015, an estimated $161.50 billion was the demand for green packaging globally. With a 7 percent annual growth between the time span of 2016-21, this demand will rise to around $242.50 billion in 2021.

Rendering countless perks of sustainable packaging, the food and beverage industry have become the biggest consumer of green packaging in recent years. Let’s have a look at some advantages that sustainable food packaging has for us, and why all food manufacturers should always have packaging sustainability in mind.

#1. The Reduced Weight Allows Easy Shipment and Results in Reduced Post-Consumption Waste

It’s lightweight which means it makes shipping bulk orders extremely easier. In the case of the beverage industry, compact and lightweight cartons require the inclusion of glass bottles. The manufacturers take advantage of reduced-weight packaging as it enables them to ship more items at the same cost.

On the other hand, consumers also are benefited from lightweight sustainable packaging as they have to carry less weight to their homes. As an added bonus, there is also less wastage in terms of post-consumption.

#2. It Offers High Visibility As Well As Versatility

When we take a look at any food product, the first thing that appeals to us is undoubtedly its presentation. In fact, the presentation of a food product can quickly grab the attention of consumers and can even compel them to purchase it.

On top of that, a product will be more convincing when it allows for higher visibility. This is where sustainable packaging e.g., clamshell packaging can be winning as it greatly adds to the visibility of a food item. The see-through plastic packaging of food can easily compel consumers to buy it; hence, it can be revenue-boosting.

Furthermore, sustainable food packaging also enhances the versatility of food products since the requirement of ventilation, sizes, and shapes of different items vary. It is customizable also to fit the needs of different food products such as cupcakes, jellies, candies etc.

By opting for sustainable packaging such as plastic clamshells (clamshell packaging), you can avoid the squishiness of the appealing decorations of your cupcakes, pastries, and even cakes.

#3. It Offers Food Safety and Ensures Non-Toxicity

For food manufacturers, the safety of their food products should be of prime importance for them. Incorporating sustainable packaging can be preventative against the growth and multiplication of bacteria, particularly when stored in refrigerators for later use. Mostly, plastic clamshells offer optimum safety to food products and prevent the product from becoming stale by sucking out the air from the packaging.

Moreover, sustainable food packaging mostly with the inclusion of biodegradable packaging is allergy free and non-toxic. Regardless of the fewer options available regarding biodegradable flexible packaging, it is paving its way to offer improved and affordable packaging options.

#4. It Increases Sales and Gives a Competitive Edge to Food Companies

Sustainable food packaging can potentially increase sales due to the fact that more and more consumers are showing concern about making eco-friendly purchases. In view of a Nielsen’s survey conducted in 2016, the next generation is highly interested in paying more to purchase sustainable food items. It is so because eco-friendly packaging is favorable for earth’ longevity.

Keeping into consideration the consumer’s point of view, many renowned brands in the food industry are implementing sustainable food packaging. As per the statement of the Vice President of TechNavio, Faisal Ghaus, brands like PepsiCo, ConAgra Foods, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury incorporate sustainable materials for packaging. By doing so, they take a competitive advantage over other players in the market.

#5. It is Recyclable & Environment-Friendly

As stated earlier, a large number of consumers from across the world are showing interest in environment-friendly buying. This is because it utilizes fewer natural resources, hence, reducing the negative impact on the environment.  Sustainable food packaging contributes to an eco-friendly environment by reducing the wastage of food to a great extent.

In fact, there occur an estimated 1.7-pound reduction in food waste due to the usage of plastic packaging every pound. The percentage of people who have got access to the plastics recycling program in the U.S. is 60 because of the recyclability that plastic packaging offers.

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