7 Beauty Tips You Should Know Before Any Occasion

An Occasion brings about a hefty demand for all the ladies to doll up well. Although yes, there might be some ladies who would love to put on makeup every day as an art capable of causing skin conditions, but we have the right solution for you even if you have sensitive skin. Here are 7 beauty tips you need to know before any occasion or event. So, have yourself looking beautiful by following these beauty hacks, in no time we’ve got everything covered from proper skin care to maintaining pearly white teeth. So let’s find out.

Beauty Tips in 7 Steps

Step 1: Get Rid of the Rough Skin

The first focus we put on is your skin. Coming out of winter and stepping into early spring you’re probably thinking what you could do to get rid of that pale look. Lucky for you as there’s a quick fix for that. Mixing liquid bronzer with body cream get yourself that light tan look to bring in the color for which you spend hours on the beach. Before that step, you’re going to need to make your skin smoother due to the harsh winter conditions.  Mix pomegranate seed oil, sweet almond oil, and raspberry seed oil together and apply a few drops to your face massaging gently your face, throat and neck areas. This will cause your skin to glow while getting rid of that roughness eventually.

To make sure your skin gets the right treatment while asleep, we recommend sleeping on a new softer pillowcase. Once you’re awake, start your day with coconut water as a great source of hydration for the day. Make sure to include foods such as avocados, wild salmon and olives into your diet as well.

Step 2: Take Care of Those Delicate Lips

Our next focus is, of course on your lips, which need to be ready pre-occasion’s day for reasons we already know. Coming out of winter is especially harsh for our skin and the lips need to get rid of the dead skin too. We recommend you always keep a lip balm handy and ready to prevent the frequent dryness. Make sure to avoid using petroleum-based lip balms and only get those with naturally occurring oils as a base. Check for the base and make sure it includes natural beeswax or Cadillac wax as the base. Moisturizing your lips is important and vital to get that natural pink shade. This includes drinking enough water which will help more than just your lips stay hydrated as well as moisturized.

Once everything is set, we recommend you to scrub with heavy lip balm and keep it on overnight, and later brush your lips gently with a toothbrush the following morning for wiping off the dead cells.

Step 3: Smile More on the Occasion

Teeth are a vital part of your beauty since the perfect smile can win a lot of hearts, and that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing a lot on this Occasion. We have you covered on the best recommendations for glowing white teeth and for more tips, visit the Pearly Whites website. The magic of baking soda on teeth is underrated and underappreciated. Baking soda can help you whiten your teeth if you mix it with water to make a paste and brush your teeth, you’ll see the magic instantly! Another recommendation we have is to eat strawberries, yes you read that right. Strawberries have malic acid that helps to brighten your teeth. Lastly, make sure to include a bit of charcoal to your toothpaste for that perfect white finish while brushing the teeth.

Step 4: Those Eyes Need to Revive as Well

Your eyes need to be ready for Occasion if you’re going to make that magical eye contact. Follow these steps to ensure beautiful eyes. Green tea bags are a good fix for those tired eyes with dark circles underneath. Soaking green tea bags in cold water overnight and applying them to your eyes in the morning will help you bring that fresh look to your eyes.

Step 5: No Chance for Bad Hair

Your hair needs as much attention as your beautiful face, so we have the most effective tips that will make your hair look shiny and alluring before the main event. Eggs are your go-to solution for the perfect hair since they’re rich in proteins and will add an extra layer of shine as well as strength. Apply a mixture of egg white and yolk and keep it on for at least an hour before you eventually apply shampoo. In case there’s dandruff in your hair, apply lime into your hair and simply clean with using cold water after 30 minutes.

Step 6: The Nose is the First Thing People Look at

Your nose may be just what needs proper attention too since it is often noticed whoever approaches you. The nose has a different skin texture compared to the rest of your face; hence, it needs special attention. Massage your nose using an exfoliator properly to get rid of those blackheads and dead cells. For those who have issues with pimples, we recommend applying a bit of toothpaste to sooth those spots and drinking a lot of water could help.

Step 7: Don’t Forget Those Nails on Your Fingers

Nails and fingers are what we think you’ll need looking their best before occasion when you will be holding your lover’s hand. Besides applying your regular nail polish, you’re going to need the base looking perfect. Moisturizing the cuticles during handwash is a recommendation as hand sanitizers and regular washing can dry them out turning those colors look bland. Massaging your cuticles with coconut oil or moisturizing cream will work wonders for you.


Follow these beauty tips for the most memorable Occasion you’ll ever have since making the first impression will leave the deepest impact in your beloved individual. So, what are you waiting for? Try signing up with Pearly Whites today and register for that dental checkup you wanted since last month, perhaps.

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