Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a healthcare specialty that provides therapy targeted to develop, maintain, and restore individuals’ maximum movement and functional ability. Physical Therapists are healthcare professionals with training to assess and treat individuals of all ages with a variety of ailments. The therapists at Pick PT are passionate about increasing quality of life and making sure that you have the freedom to do the things you love. If you are looking for a great physical therapist in the Rexburg, Idaho area look no further than Pick PT. A physical therapist can help you in many aspects of your life, and the following are just a few of the most common benefits.

Pain Relief

This is the most common reason that individuals seek help from a physical therapist. Living with chronic pain should not be accepted as normal. If you have not tried physical therapy to decrease pain it is a great option. Pain relief through physical therapy also helps avoid the use of addictive prescription medications and is a more long-term approach to pain management.

Increase Mobility

Whether you have lost mobility due to an injury, surgery, age, or a period of sedentary lifestyle, there is hope for regaining full range of motion with the help of a physical therapist. Most surgeons will prescribe a period of physical therapy after surgery because physical therapists are specifically trained to help regain any loss of motion in joints and regain strength in the muscles.

Improve Athletic Ability

You don’t have to be old or injured to benefit from physical therapy. Many therapists have a background in sports and often chose their career based on their love of sports, exercise, physical movement, etc. Athletes can consult with a physical therapist to see how therapy might be able to help them advance in their sport and reduce their risk for injury during the season.

Rehab Injuries

Whether you suffer from old or new injuries, a physical therapist can help. Sometimes old injuries flare up and leave you feeling pain that is equivalent or worse than it was at the time it happened. Even though we live in a world that likes to simply put a bandaid on things rather than actually fixing them at their core, it is possible to rehabilitate a new injury in the correct way to prevent future problems.

Enjoy Life!

The best reason for considering physical therapy is to increase your quality of life! If you can no longer do the things that you want to do, it is time to take control of your life. Don’t accept a future life that doesn’t involve all of your favorite activities regardless of age. The Pick PT moto is to live life moving and to live life elevated. You may be surprised at what long forgotten loves could become a reality again.

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