Check Your Child’s Ear Infection At Home and Save Money – Use an Otoscope Now!

Does your child experiences ear infections often? How great it would be if you are able to check the infection at home and save money by not paying the expensive doctor’s fee? Absolutely great! Right!

It is possible to check for your child’s ear infection at home, but you must not do it if there is blood or pus coming out of the ear or the skin around the ear has swollen. In such cases, it is essential to take your child to a doctor. In all other cases, you can definitely go for at-home supervision of your child’s ear.

So, how can you do this?

This can be done easily by using an Otoscope.

What is an Otoscope?

An otoscope is a medical instrument used by doctors and medical experts to see clearly inside the ear. Even if you are not a doctor, you can still buy and use an otoscope in order to look inside and around the ear of your child.

The otoscope is available with numerous pointed tips known as specula. You need to select one, which is quite smaller than the opening of the ear of your child. If the hole of the ear is smaller than the smallest specula tip then avoid using it, as this can damage the ear.

When You Can Use an Otoscope?

You can use an otoscope whenever you are in doubt that your child has met with an ear infection.

Some of the common signs of an ear infection are:

  • Bulging or red eardrum
  • Buildup of earwax
  • Greenish or Yellow fluid behind the eardrum, in some cases there may also be some blood deposit
  • Perforated eardrum or hole inside the eardrum

If you notice any such signs then you can use an otoscope. However, if you are not sure then you can always call your child’s doctor.

How to Use an Otoscope?

Before you insert the otoscope in your child’s eardrum, you must clean the speculum well, until you are using disposable specula. After cleaning, you need to fit it to the visible end of the otoscope. Then switch on the light of the instrument.

If your child is more than a year then pull out his ear gently up and back. If the child is younger than 12 months then pull the outer ear straight back gently. This way, the ear canal will get straighten and it will be easier for you to see inside.

Now, hold otoscope at the handle by outstretching your pinky finger. When you place the instrument inside the ear canal, the pinky finger must rest on the cheek of your child. This will ensure that you don’t go too far inside the ear canal, and hence, does not cause any damage to your child’s eardrum.

Next, slowly place the speculum inside the ear canal of your child while viewing inside with the other end of the otoscope. Since the canal of the ear is too sensitive, so don’t put much pressure on the instrument or don’t push it too far.

Slowly move the ear as well as the otoscope gently till you can view the eardrum. Position the view ends in the correct angle to view closely towards the nose of your child so that it follows the normal angle of the ear canal.

Important Instructions to Follow

While using an otoscope, you need to keep two important things into consideration:

  • The ear is extremely sensitive. Hence, don’t be rough while using this device. Children tend to turn or wriggle their heads so you have to be highly careful so that you do not hurt the ear of your child.
  • It is better to inform your child about each step. Ask your child to tell if it hurts so that you can take the otoscope outside right away.
  • Since the ear canal is not straight, so have to move the external ear as well as the otoscope a number of times to line it up and see inside. It will be easier to do so with practice. It is, therefore, best to first try using an otoscope on a healthy adult.

Not all otoscopes will offer you the desired results and when you are checking your child then you cannot compromise on the quality. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you use only professional grade otoscope for home use. Don’t worry as finding the best otoscope is very easy as all you have to do is visit So pick any one of the otoscope mentioned in the list and avoid going to doctor and pay expensive fee next time your child experiences an ear infection.

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