Drug Facts: 6 Ways Kratom Leaves Can Benefit the Human Health

Kratom, scientifically named Mitragyna Speciose, is the name of a Southeast Asian tropical tree. The leaves of kratom contain certain elements that can exhibit psychotropic characteristics. People consume it in various forms like capsules, pills or extract, purchased from various kratom companies online. Some individuals also consume it by chewing its leaves or brewing them as a tea in either powdered or dried form. Other than that, kratom leaves are also added in certain food recipes.

Kratom acts like the stimulants and opioids. 7-α-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are two of the main compounds of kratom leaves that interact with the brain’s opioid receptors. This interaction results in the production of pleasure, sedation, and reduction in pain particularly when an individual consumes it in a large amount. Most of the individuals in the US and other European nations use it widely either for opioid drug’s withdrawal or for pain management. Read on to learn more about kratom and the health benefits it brings.

They Can Help in Relieving Pain

Surprisingly, body aches affect more people in comparison to heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes collectively, rendering to the National Institute of Health (NIH). It can be an obstruction in the treatment of cancer, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and more. By putting an impact on the hormonal system, kratom leaves can relieve pain instantly all over the body. The chewing of these leaves contributes to the increased release of dopamine and serotonin as per Edward W. Boyer et.al. Subsequently, it aids in relieving pain. In essence, the alkaloids hinder the action of pain receptors all over the body. Notably, this characteristic of kratom leaves is similar to opium or morphine and is considered as its central application.

They Can Boost the Immune System

Your immune system weakens with time and because of a number of physical ailments as well. Kratom leaves can help make your immune system stronger. The combined effects of alkaloids in kratom leaves can prominently impact the immune system’s resilience and strength because of the individual studies on numerous alkaloids present in kratom. The extract of kratom leaves possesses antimicrobial and free radical scavenging properties according to Parthasarathy Suhanya et.al. On top of that, they are antioxidant’s natural source.

They Can Be Beneficial for Diabetes Management

According to a new report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), above a hundred million adults are having diabetes or prediabetes in the USA in the current era. It is actually a serious health issue that is manageable via having an appropriate diet as well as being physically active. Diabetics are more likely to develop dangerous health complications such as heart disease, stroke, and loss of vision, premature death and kidney failure. Medicinally, insulin and other effective medications are used for controlling high levels of blood sugar.

More notably, kratom leaves can put an impact on levels of blood sugar; however, it is a lesser-known advantage of them. Jansen K. L. et.al. claimed that alkaloids present in kratom leaves can aid in the regulation of the blood’s glucose and insulin levels. In this way, they can prevent the threatening rises and falls in an effective manner that diabetics often experience. Not only it is helpful in the management of diabetes but can be preventative in the development of the disease as well.

They Can Aid in the Reduction of Anxiety

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) claims that the percentage of adults in the US who come under the influence of anxiety disorders is 18.1 percent. Fear, poor sleep patterns, cold and sweaty hands, mouth dryness, restlessness, palpitations, feeling of a panic attack and cramped muscles are inclusive of some of the symptoms of anxiety. Extensively, kratom leaves can help in the reduction of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and chronic stress. Individuals can ultimately avoid the killing symptoms that result due to an imbalance of chemicals. With the hormonal regulation in the body, the symptoms are reduced as per McWhirter Laura, et.al.

Adding to it, tea prepared with kratom leaves is also found to be beneficial for improving mood. Mice exhibited antidepressant effects when injected with Kratom’ psychoactive compound named Mitragynine according to a study conducted by the University of Putra Malaysia.

They Can Enhance Relaxation

Kratom is said to have a relaxing impact on the human mind. It is popular for its sedative effects as well. There has been seen an enhanced relaxation in the neuromuscular areas of lab rats when injected with Mitragynine as per a study conducted by Thailand’s Prince of Songkla University.

Talking of relaxation, it is an effective protection against stress. Mitragynine is a potent kratom alkaloid that has an ability to activate the CNS (central nervous system) receptors that are mu-opioid receptors (MOR). These receptors are responsible for relieving pain and relaxing the muscles. Even the painkillers bind with MOR receptors to relieve pain. In a similar way, kratom fades away the ache and promotes euphoric effects. Those suffering from painful symptoms of a migraine, muscular pain, or other chronic pains can rely on kratom to find relief.

They Can Give an Energy Boost to Fight Fatigue

Kratom leaves can be a substitutive solution to relieve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is a natural solution as well. Be it a fatigue syndrome or regular work fatigue, you would love to find something that will fill you up with a lot of energy and prevent you from feeling drained all day. Mostly, people are working in a double shift, so remaining energized for both the work responsibilities is imperative. In that case, there is no better friend than kratom.

Kratom tea can also ward off fatigue in an efficient manner. A considerable number of laborers all over Southeast Asia have been using kratom traditionally as it can effectively boost energy. In fact, it can give an energy boost similar to caffeine (as the plant is from the coffee family) when chewed for combatting fatigue. Despite of all the positive health impacts that kratom leaves bring, there are limited researches about it. So, we can say that this field requires more research to provide more authentic and accurate results. It is advisable not to consume the kratom leaves without consulting a physician.

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