Essential Amino Acids, Benefits and food sources

Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then this article is for your good. If not, then this article is perfect for you. Your body has made up of different building blocks or compounds and these blocks when combined form proteins. When you consume proteins in the form of solid food, it breaks into various compounds and turns into amino acids. Amino acids release amino energy for your body that causes many problems for you.

Amino acids carry out a significant role to synthesize the hormones and enhance the transmitting between neurons. Amino acids are classified into three types, essential, conditional and non-essential. If your body lacks amino acids, you should get concerned about it as you will feel the depression, growth issues in children, infertility, and many other problems. We are over here to escort you about the benefits, intake and resources of amino acids, stay tuned!

Types of Amino Acids

Initially, you need to know everything about the amino acid and its types. Our body requires twenty types of amino acids to attain healthy wellbeing. The human body needs nine amino acids that are essential and can be taken in the form of food. You should take prescriptive guideline regarding amino acids, take a tour.

Essential amino acids

As you know, nine amino acids are essential for your body, and you can only consume them through external sources. You should take eggs and meat to obtain the essential amino energy. Your body breakdown the proteins into amino acids and build the muscles and consolidate the immune system.

Conditional Amino Acids

Amino acids are beneficial for your body undoubtedly, but some of them are critically important, and some of them are required in particular conditions. If you experience an illness, then your body lacks amino acids due to the sickness. At that moment, you have to allow conditional amino acid to fill up that rift. Non-Essential Amino Acids

As you have known that your body needs to take nine amino acids through food. The rest of the eleven is made up in our body and do not need any external consumption.

The functions and benefits of Essential amino acids in our body

Now we will move towards the nine amino acids and their roles in our body.


It creates the most common food protein and involves forging a connection between neurons such as dopamine, epinephrine, etc. It decreases the level of serotonin that boosts hunger. It is also responsible for improving melanin in the body. It is highly attainable in poultry items, daily items and animal proteins like beef and fish. It is also discovered in beans and artificial sweetener aspartame.


It is linked to the chain of Amino acids (BCAA). It is a ketogenic amino acid and produces energy in the body in case you are starving. The incorporation of isoleucine prompts the pancreas to produce insulin that helps diabetic patients of type 1. The food that contains higher amenity of isoleucine is chicken, tuna fish, pork, beef, meat, beans, peanuts, eggs and cheese.


It stimulates proteins, and that helps the body to build muscles. It is also the part of three branched amino acids and the most crucial one.


It is the third part of the branched amino acids, and it helps when you take long breaks during food intake and it higher the sportsman spirit due to its bioaccumulation.


It produces L-carnitine that improves stress tolerance and the metabolic process of lipoids and uses them as an energy provider. It is important for developing bones and connective tissues.


It works as acidulate in urine and controls infective bacteria in the body. It also dissolves kidney stones. It is also useful for fatty acid disease due to its lipolytic properties.


It helps to prevent your body from liver infections and decreases the cholesterol level. It is also beneficial in muscle injuries and reforms the tissues.


It helps you to regulate your sleep patterns and used as an antidepressant in the medical world. It also allows a person to tolerate the pain.


It increases the level of red and white blood cells. It also increases stamina during sports. It is also helpful to decrease blood pressure and involved in inflammation.

How does lack of Amino Acids affect your body?

As mentioned above, essential amino acids are crucial need of body and any kind of deficiency creates lots of illness and issues. Following are the issues that occur due to the lack of amino acids,

If your body lacks lysine, you might have anaemia, less hunger and hair loss.

  • If you have a deficiency of tryptophan, you might be suffering from insomnia.
  • Methionine within less quantity develops the disease of fatty liver.
  • Less phenylalanine develops angioedema, skin bruises, weakness in the body and inactive growth.
  • Lesser levels of leucine in the body will cause anabolism, i.e. muscle breakdown.
  • If you suffer from a deficiency of isoleucine, it will cause dizziness, anxiety, a headache, weariness and irritation.
  • You do not have to worry about the deficiency of valine in your body because nothing severe has been noticed till the date.

Resources of Amino Acids

With having a treasure of knowledge about amino acids and their importance, what should be your next step? You should gather the resources through which you can augment the need for essential amino acids. If you want to have a healthy life, you should consume food that has a vast amount of proteins. Foods that contain proteins are,

  • You should add a small amount of red meat in your daily routine as it is rich in proteins and contains all nine amino acids.
  • You should consume eggs; they are also fully loaded with amino acids.
  • Quinoa is another form of rice and has a different taste. You should try it in different recipes and eat a full bowl daily.
  • Soy is a complete protein food that you can consume. You can opt for tofu as it contains a high level of soy.
  • Beans are a very good source of proteins. You can eat them boiled or bake them. They have a rich taste.
  • Nuts and seeds are also enriching with proteins and give your body strength.


Amino acids are essential for a strong body. You should include all these food items in your diet routine so your body can have a fresh start. You have to understand the needs of your body and take care of it. Food is the supplement for your body, and you should consume healthy food and show your love for your body and healthiness.

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