Everything You Need to Know About IV Therapy

Chances are that you have heard of IV therapy. With celebrity fans, including Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Chrissy Teigen, Adele, and Simon Cowell, reaping the benefits already, this treatment promises to combat exhaustion, boost your immune system and even cure the worst ever hangover in less than an hour.

However, is this health fad one for the rich and famous alone, or can us mere mortals also benefit from and take advantage of this undeniably fast and effective health boost?

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about IV therapy, from what it entails, to who can benefit from it, to where you can go to get it done.

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy involves a liquid mixture of vitamins and minerals being received into the body through an intravenous drip. This way of getting vital nutrients into your system is a lot quicker and more effective than simply eating the right foods or taking a supplement as the vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body a lot quicker.

Factors that can affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients include:

  • Your age
  • Your metabolism
  • Your overall health
  • Genetics

A drip IV therapy treatment will be administered by a qualified nurse or doctor as they will need to access one of your veins and secure a needle in place, a task which can prove difficult if you are dehydrated.

Who would benefit from IV therapy?

If you think that IV therapy is only beneficial (and accessible) to the rich and famous, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many reasons why someone would benefit from an IV vitamin drip treatment including:

  • Endurance athletes or those who carry out intense physical activity
  • People suffering with a hangover
  • Those looking to improve their complexion
  • Anyone feeling run down, tired and/or lethargic
  • People who are deficient in a particular vitamin such as vegetarians or vegans who may be lacking in B12
  • Those who want to increase their energy levels
  • People suffering from jet lag
  • People who experience migraines
  • Those who are affected by stress
  • People who are suffering from food poisoning
  • Chronic fatigue sufferers
  • Those who suffer with a hormone imbalance

Is IV therapy safe?

Th most important question of them all, are IV vitamin drips actually good for your body or can they have some detrimental side effects?

Fortunately, the risks are minimal with IV therapy. As long as you ensure that you have your drip set up by a trained medical professional at a reputable company, then an IV vitamin drip should be 100% safe.

In regard to the vitamins themselves, with an IV drip, your body will use all the vitamins and minerals that you need and simply excrete the rest through your kidneys.

Where can I get IV therapy?

There are several reputable IV therapy clinics across the U.S, with some companies even providing a door to door service, meaning that if you are feeling too unwell to leave your home, you can still enjoy the benefits of an IV vitamin drip.

Always make sure you choose a company that specializes in this type of treatment and therapy and one who has either registered nurses or doctors available to administer the IV drip. Do not be afraid to ask for references or proof that their employees are trained medical professionals – it is your health you are dealing with, and you need to make sure you are in good hands.

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