Great Stone Plug Options, And What They Do

In the last few years stone plugs have seen a surge in popularity, and rightfully so. In fact, many of the organic and more natural materials are becoming more prevalent in the body modification arena. But stone plugs are always going to be a little bit special.

Many people believe that specific gemstones and crystals have particular properties. Calming, strengthening, and even warding off danger. Others think they just look really pretty and are a safe material to wear in your stretched piercings.

The stones naturally come in different hues and with various markings, and unless you are opting for onyx or a similar solid color stone, you will see that each stone plug and tunnel are unique.

Here are some excellent stone plug options to consider.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz looks exceptional and can lend itself to a more demure classic look, or become the centre of attention – depending on the style. Smokey quartz comes in a wide range of shades from light to dark, the darker of them being a browner toned with a smokier look. It is believed that smokey quartz absorbs negative vibes, and is known for being grounding for the holder of the stone.

Tourmalinated Quartz

These plugs will look unique for everyone due to the makeup of the crystal. Usually clear, with striking black and brown streaks running through them. Most tourmaline streaks will be black, but they do come in other colours. More unusually you may find green or gold, but because they are all unique you’ll need to keep searching for these. Tourmalinated quartz is cleaning, grounding and removes negativity.

Labradorite Stone

This stone has multiple colours and facets, so when the wearer moves or the light moves, there will be a rainbow of colours displayed. On face value, they look brown/yellow and blue-toned, but within a few minutes, you will see their rainbow-like nature. They feel quite mystical, and each piece is vastly different. Not just slightly different. Labradorite gives the wearer strength, grounds their spiritual energies, raises consciousness and strengthens intuition.


The right purple and lavender hues, and the light lilac and milky white swirls already look calming. Amethyst has been used for thousands of years as a powerful tool for soothing and calming emotions and the mind. You can get amethyst plugs that come in a range of styles and colours, from smooth, polished crystals to raw, jagged points. Amethyst is known for positive energies, love and many people who start collecting gems will start with this one.


If there was a stone that looked like a milky rainbow, it is this one. From every angle, the colours and the reflection changes. It is an ethereal looking stone and quite serene. Opalite is believed to help those who are nervous or anxious. Bringing inner peace and a sense of calm to the wearer.


Jade comes in a range of different shades of green. But many people don’t know you can also find jade that comes in orange too. Jade is believed to bring abundance and joy to those who have some. Balancing emotional energies is also something that is commonly associated with jade too. So if you are looking for peace, prosperity, or just really love how green stones look, then jade is the one for you.


Often referred to as lapis lazuli and a big winner for those who enjoyed The Vampire Diaries. This vibrant blue stone can be found with white streaks, and gold flecks and lines too. It is said that this stone will help raise moods and lift your mental focus and clarity also.


Hematite is said to have been used for hundreds of years to encourage higher person energies. Almost all hematite is a polished silver-grey, however, it used to be a reddish color. As a stone, it was used to improve iron absorption into the bloodstream and remove unwanted chemicals from the body. Many people also believe the hematite will protect them for negative energies and will help to bring a sense of calm to the wearers.

Even if you don’t believe in these stones’ properties, they make a great addition to your plug and tunnel collection for their unique colors and ease of wear.

You should wash your stone plugs carefully with soap and water. Reoil your stone plugs before you insert them back into the piercing. Stone jewelry should only be worn in a healed and mature piercing, as organic materials aren’t suitable for a freshly stretched ear.

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