Having Thin, Receding, Or Falling Out Hair Can Be A Painful Experience

Having thin, receding, or falling out hair can be a painful experience. You may feel less confident and like yourself when you suffer hair loss. In today’s world, there are many quality hairpiece choices that will give you back your self-confidence, so you feel like yourself again.

There is an overwhelming variety of options available when it comes to hairpieces and hair systems. Making a choice between a custom-made and stock (premade) hairpiece is a critical step in the process. All hairpieces have pros and cons, and each can be worn by different people.

Hair Pieces in Stock (Pre-Made)

The stock hair system is one of the most popular choices for many wearers. These hair restoration systems are known for their affordability, as well as their ease, convenience, and reliability. The fact that stock hairpieces are pre-made does not mean you cannot still choose a hair replacement system that suits your needs and looks great on you. Advent Hair offers a variety of lengths, densities, styles, and colors. The following stock hairpieces are available for women:

  • Full head systems
  • Partial integration caps
  • Top-of-the-head systems
  • ¾ caps

The different hair systems of different colors and cuts are also available for women in light, medium and heavy densities. However, it should be noted that even stock and custom hair systems come with a neutral style—style and cut are completely up to the individual. We have an article on styling hair systems that might be of help to you!

Men’s hair replacement systems:

Stock hair systems for men are also available in a variety of types. There are several options available to you:

  • A great base for beginners, made of fine monofilament.
  • Hairpieces made from skin grafts are smooth, resembling skin, and come in varying degrees of thickness.
  • A lace hairpiece has a natural aesthetic and is made of breathable mesh lace, allowing the scalp to be seen.

The hairpieces come in a variety of materials, densities, and base sizes. Stock hairpieces fit a wide variety of lifestyles and preferences for men.

Custom Made Hairpieces:

If you’re looking for a hairpiece that’s completely unique to you, custom-made hairpieces are the right choice. If you want a higher level of customization, a custom-made hair system is the best option. Choosing a custom hairpiece is usually more beneficial than using stock hair systems. With Custom made hairpieces, you can make them exactly how you want.

Stock hairpieces are available in many styles with different options, but with a custom hairpiece, every detail is determined by you. Depending on the type of base you select, you have the following options:

  • Remy’s hair
  • ROBO hair
  • Varying types of densities
  • Texture and waves
  • Highlighted hair, as well as different hair colors
  • Varying hair lengths
  • The grey percentages of various sections

What is the best hairpiece for me?

A good hairpiece is one that makes you feel most confident and most comfortable. We’ll keep track of your details so that you can re-order your hairpiece at any time after you find a fit, color, and shape that works for you.

Most people think that buying a custom-made hairpiece will be very expensive. It’s also common for hair replacement system users to worry that it will take a lot of time or might be really difficult to make a hairpiece that fits the wearer correctly. Our buyer guides and instructions make the process simple and easy to follow, so our customers need not worry.

Follow these tips when taking your hair replacement measurements:

  • The tape measure should be made of cloth.
  • Holding the tape loosely is better than holding it tight when measuring.
  • Measurements should always be done with flat tape, which should never be twisted.

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