How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee with French Press?

French Press is simple and effective. If you are in a rush, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee using it within minutes. It’s easy to use and clean, with no complications. Following we are giving you a quick guide for how to make the perfect coffee using French Press.

Coffee Beans

You cannot brew fresh coffee if you don’t have fresh beans. If you want to get the best brew, then avoid the one available at stores. Instead, get from your local roaster. Just check the date of expiry.

If coffee beans are sealed, they will maintain their essence for six months or more. If you put them in the freezer, then the essence will last for more than two years. Most addicts like to ground the beans right before making a cup. It’s a bit inconvenient, but if you dedicate the time and effort, the taste and brew will pay off.


So, don’t ground the beans at all once, you will lose the taste. For the best brew, you have to grind the coffee beans right before making a cup.  When it comes to ground coffee, you don’t want coarse and fine coffee particles in the same batch. To get the best coffee grind, you have to tweak your grinding technique. Don’t use a blade grinder to grind the bean. Instead, use a burr grinder.

Coffee to Water Ratio

It doesn’t matter if you like your coffee strong or weak, you should always experience with different coffee to water ratio and develop your taste.

Water and Temperature

Don’t just focus on the coffee beans; water also plays an important role. So, make sure you don’t use distilled water. It will ruin your taste. The same goes for reverse osmosis water. You need the minerals in water to get the most taste out of your coffee beans. So, make sure you use clean drinkable water.

Coffee is very easy to burn. The ideal temperature to brew your coffee is between 195-205 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer at your disposal, you can boil water and leave it on the stove to cool down for a while.

Preheat Your Mug and French Press

According to Coffee Expert Anthony Parker, you can get the brew if you preheat the mug and French press. Yes, do it for a minute before you brew the coffee. It will also assure your coffee stays warm for a long time.

To assure your coffee doesn’t get burnt, you will need to brew it for four minutes. If you don’t like bitter coffee, then brew it for 3 minutes.

Use Thermal Carafe

You have to transfer the brew to thermal carafe once you are done brewing. If you let the coffee sit in Press, it will get bitter and ruin your taste. Therefore, you need to act fast.

Clean the Equipment

Once you are done, you have to clean the Press at the moment. If you clean it right after each use, it will keep the press from tainting or ruining your taste.

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