Most Comfortable IWB Concealed Carry Holsters

It can take a long time and be expensive to find the perfect IWB holster for you. In order to save you some time, effort (and money) I’ve put together a shortlist of the top concealed carry holsters for you. Let us know which is your favorite.

Crossbreeding of microchips

Ruger LCPs and similar small guns benefit greatly from MicroClips from CrossBreed. The inside of the waistband is held together by a metal clip bearing the cross logo of the company. Due to the hybrid design, shirts cannot be printed on when they are tucked around the gun holster.

A firm leather backing encloses an ergonomic Kydex pocket that is comfortable on the skin and against undershirts. The retention can be easily adjusted to keep its setting, unlike some cheap imitations (which could loosen over time).


Even while worn directly against the body, N82 Tactical Original Tuckable and Original Tactical Original provide comfort as they have a suede leather backing that can ward off moisture (sweat). Keeping the firearm at hand is a breeze thanks to the canted pocket, which is held in place by a single clip.

Originally introduced in 2009, later changed to the design added an additional piece of leather sewn inside the pocket to enable carriers to tuck their shirts in while maintaining quick access to their firearms. You can add a laser or light to either trigger guard for only ten bucks with either design.

Bianchi Professional Pocket IWB Model 100T

In regards to tuckable, Bianchi recently released the Model 100T Professional Tuckable, which adds this feature to its best-selling Model 100. C-Clips are patented by Bianchi, because they enclose the belt, reducing the area covered on it, thus reducing the belt’s visibility.

The carrying position of the holster can be adjusted vertically or canted with the addition of a single clip. Despite its subtlety and size, it’s a best-seller.


This StealthGear IWB holster, features a Kydex pocket and a synthetic backing that doesn’t absorb liquid (read: sweat), providing breathability for comfort and even in hot weather, remaining light, dry, and comfortable regardless of what the weather conditions are.

Like synthetic materials, this backing material doesn’t squeak, unlike some leather backing materials. The belt clips are spring steel, and they can be tucked under the belt, for maximum concealment.


With the Cherries Deep Concealed Holster, you can conceal even the largest frame handgun while opting for appendix carry. This holster is the Appendix Below-The-Waistband (A-BWB) version, designed for deep concealment where a little more retention and concealment is required.

In its patent-pending “Zero-Print” design, the holster actually rests on the inner portion of your thighs rather than behind your waistband, as opposed to behind it. Two things are accomplished: it makes sitting for prolonged periods of time far more comfortable, and it allows men with more guts to choose appendix carry without it cutting into their arteries.

Holsters for other firearms manufacturers may be added in the future – this holster fits all nine versions of the Glock that use standard double-stacked magazine shells bodies in 9mm and .40 caliber.


We have listed just five options, in no particular order, out of countless others. One final point to mention: IWB is one of many options available. You can wear an OWB concealment holster (literally or figuratively) if your clothes permit it, and many CCW citizens and off-duty police prefer ankle carry.

In general, I dislike pocket carry, but if it works for you, you may like it (just make sure you get a holster of excellent quality, like those made by Sticky Holsters).

Do your own research, that’s the point. Find out what your friends like by talking to them. There are likely to be a lot of ideas posted below in the comments section.

If you purchase a deep concealment holster, the most important aspect to keep in mind is that you need to practice. A carry option can differ greatly from a duty holster, depending on what you choose.

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