Services That Dawson Dental Guelph Offers to Their Patients

There’s hardly anything that a bright and dazzling smile can’t solve for you. The problem is, most people cannot maintain oral hygiene properly to ensure that dazzling smile for their whole life. If people maintain certain dental hygiene rules and regulations and visit the dentists at Dawson Dental Guelph regularly, they can maintain their oral health with almost any issues. Have you ever visited Dawson? If not, you should check out the below dental services that they can offer people of every age.

Pediatric Dentistry

Every member of Dawson invests the energy and time to make sure that the environment of our offices is perfect for kids of every age. We offer flexible scheduling and better services to make the visit to the dentists’ office for the kids as easy as possible.

The professionals of Dawson know that it can be very nerve-wracking for the small kids. That’s why we try to make each and every dental visit of the kids extra special. Our well-devised dental health program for the kids allows them to feel comfortable, proud and accomplished.

Dental X-Ray Diagnostics

It does not matter whether you are a new patient or an existing one, your dental health is the most important factor for the professionals of Dawson. Whenever you visit our dental clinic, you have to go through a comprehensive dental check-up to make sure that everything is in place.

According to our dentists, every person should go through dental check-ups every 24-36 months. This type of dental check-up helps professionals to understand the condition of your overall dental health and allows us to plan your treatment or health routine.

Tooth Extraction

Nobody wants to have another person pull out their teeth. But at times, it is necessary to remove your teeth for your good. According to the professionals of Dawson Dental Guelph, it is sometimes the most effective and safe way to reduce the dental option for the patients.

We, at Dawson, understand your dilemma, and that’s why we take the safest and the most comfortable method for extracting your teeth. However, you should know that we try our very best to keep your teeth in place. Most of our professionals use crowning, filling or other types of treatment to save a tooth that has been damaged or broken due to decay.

TMJ Migraine Therapy

If you are suffering from migraine, neck muscle pain, sore jaw or severe headache, then you should visit the neuromuscular dentistry section of Dawson Dental Guelph.

Most people find it difficult to believe that all of the above symptoms occur as a result of bad oral health. The professionals of Dawson have specialization in TMJ therapy. With this therapy, we can help you to get the relief that is required to get you up on your feet.

Dental Sealant

Everyone should make their children aware of the importance of maintaining oral hygiene from the earlier days of their lives. The professionals of Dawson think that the parents should get sealant on the decay-prone teeth of their children.

The sealant can protect the teeth of the children from the decays and cavities that can otherwise ruin their dental health for the rest of their lives. At Dawson, we have the best professionals to conduct this procedure on the teeth of the children.

Freezing Reversal

Most people have sometimes or the other rescheduled their dental appointment because they have a meeting to attend or a speech to give. The professionals of Dawson Dental Guelph understand this issue. That’s why we have introduced OraVerse.

With OraVerse by your side, you no longer have to worry about the lasting effect of the dental appointment. The professionals of Dawson Dental confirm that Oraverse treatment can reverse the freezing numbness of the patients by 80%.

Dental Cleaning Services

At Dawson, we make sure that every one of our patients feels comfortable with the hygenist appointed to them. Each of our hygiene professionals is highly trained to offer the highest possible care and to make sure that you have a comfortable as well as a memorable experience.

While Dawson Dental Guelph takes pride in their ability to handle the general dental care for the patients, they have not completely forgotten about the problems of the emergency patients. It does not matter whether you have chipped a tooth or suffering from a severe injury in your mouth, you can come to Dawson at any time. Our experienced and knowledgeable emergency service professionals will take care of you virtually at any time of the day. Get familiar to our entire umbrella to understand how we can support your oral health better.

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