Set Up a Soothing Home Spa Experience for Stress Relief

In this day and age, we’re too caught up in trying to achieve success and wealth that we forget to take a deep breath and relax. If you’re constantly stressed over work or relationships, then having a home spa experience can definitely help you unwind and forget all your day-to-day worries. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Treat showers like a full spa experience

Going to the spa can be impractical if you don’t have any in your proximity, so next time you decide to take a shower after a long day of work, try not to hop in and out in order to be done with it. Instead, take your time and give your body a complete spa treatment. Changing the water temperature during a shower can do wonders for your circulation. Also, try different homemade body scrubs because even your skin needs to be free of all the dead skin cells. If you own a bathtub, treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath — you don’t even need bath bombs, just a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

  1. Give your face some TLC

The skin on your face is definitely a champion since it’s constantly under attack by the air pollution, sweat, makeup and germs resting on your pillowcases and phone surface. That’s why it’s important to give your face the protection and care it deserves so much. When you decide to have a home spa experience, make sure you clean your face with a gentle cleanser. Follow with a toner and moisturiser. Also, it’s recommended to do a face mask at least once a week, so your skin will be nourished and cleansed since there are masks that can do both. If you’re not sure which mask to buy, there are plenty of DIY masks that you can make with ingredients which you probably have in your fridge.

  1. Set the mood

There’s no spa experience without the proper atmosphere. You can set a relaxing mood by playing your favourite soothing music or lighting up some scented wholesale candles to ensure a pleasant smell while you relax. It’s important to leave all your cares behind the front door before you enter your home and decide to immerse yourself in a home spa experience. If you’re in a bad mood, try to clear your mind before you start your home spa treatment. That way, your spa experience will be more effective and you’ll feel better after you’re done.

  1. Don’t be distracted

If you want to fully unwind, make sure you don’t pay attention to your phone/laptop/tablet, so you’ll be able to avoid all the distractions. It might seem difficult to stay away from social media, but when you’re trying to relieve yourself from stress, it’s advisable to put your phone aside for at least 45 minutes, if not more. There’s no big deal in missing some of your friends’ posts, after all, you can catch up later after you’re tucked in your bed. In case you really need to use your phone to listen to music, turn off the Wi-Fi, so you won’t be tempted to check your social media.

  1. Make it a habit

Since we’re all so busy nowadays, it’s necessary to have certain habits that can help us stay fresh and healthy. Having regular home spa sessions is a perfect way to give your body and mind a break that they desperately need, and on top of that, you’ll look really gorgeous. There are many treatments you can include in your spa routine: home pedicure, hair mask, body mud wrap, cucumber eye gel –the possibilities are practically endless, and you can switch them up whenever you feel like it. Also, you can try something different every week until you find treatments that work best for you.

These are some ideas on how to have a fulfilling DIY spa that won’t take much of your time and money. If you decide to make this a thing, your body will definitely thank you, and you’ll have a nice ritual to look forward to every week!

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