Shed Belly Fat With These 7 Simple Steps

Losing excess belly fat is generally considered the hardest part of weight loss. It can also be very dangerous for our health. So ignoring all together it isn’t really an option.

Losing weight and exercising though doesn’t always result in a flat, tight tummy. And while this can be frustrating, there are solutions outside of fitness and food to consider. The abdominoplasty, for instance, removes loose skin while tightening and sculpting the abdomen. If that’s a procedure you’re considering post weight loss, we’ve linked a video right here, so you can learn more.

Excess belly fat can cause a range of chronic illnesses, from diabetes to some cancers. But it can also be terrible for our self-esteem. So having a flatter stomach area will not only improve health but boost self-confidence.

So, here’s our seven best ways to make losing belly fat simple.

Foods that burn belly fat

A healthy diet is crucial for weight loss. Undoubtedly, exercise helps burn calories, raise the metabolism and tone muscles, but what you eat and don’t eat is going to be really important.

  • Eggs are high in lean protein. They’ll help you stay feeling full and keep cravings at bay. Protein is also huge in the development of lean muscle.
  • Nuts and Seeds also choc-full of protein and healthy fats.
  • Berries have lots of vitamin C, and fibre thought to help boost the metabolism.
  • Crammed with fibre, avocados keep you feeling full and are packed with energy.
  • Leafy Greens have heaps of nutrients and are low in calories to keep your body feeling energised. Leafy greens are a fantastic weight-loss food.
  • Citrus fruits are thought to boost metabolism.

Foods you should axe

Some foods should be avoided altogether if you want to lose weight. Try swapping them out for healthy options, but if you’re a real junk food fiend, you might need to eliminate foods slowly. Otherwise, you may fall right back into bad habits.

  • Processed Foods increase belly fat and make you unhealthy. Remove all the prepackaged, preservative-filled junk from your pantry. Replace it with whole foods from the fresh food section of the supermarket. And avoid the frozen and packaged areas.
  • Try to get your sweet fix from fruits. Refined sugar, in particular, will not only be stored as fat. But is also connected to chronic illness.
  • Mashed banana is an excellent alternative in things like pancakes.
  • Bad carbohydrates Refined carbs like white pasta and flour won’t help you lose weight. Swap them for the whole wheat versions. It’s also a good idea to halve your carb intake.
  • Bad Fats like fried foods and buttery dishes need to go. So do processed meats. These Food are packing on the belly fat do you and making you sick.
  • Alcohol is empty calories and extra carbs with loads of sugar.

Get physically fit

Cutting calories with a healthy balanced diet will give you results, but exercise will speed up the process. Plus you’ll look amazing.

  • Interval exercise is small bursts of intense training, raising your heart rate to burn more calories. You need to join a gym to do it either. Try incorporating it into your daily walk by adding short bursts of running into the mix.
  • Pilates is excellent for working that core, movements centre around the abdominals.
  • Yoga is also great for the core but can be as dynamic or traditional as you like.

Get a decent sleep

Getting enough sleep in this faced-paced world is tough. But getting 8 hours slumber every night will really help with weight loss and improve your general health.

  • Make it a priority to be in bed at a similar time every night. And get up at the same time too. Your body will get into a healthy rhythm, and you’ll soon form a better sleeping pattern.
  • A relaxing bath is a great way to unwind if you’re having trouble sleeping. Add some essential oils to help soothe the senses.
  • Herbal tea is a nice pre-bedtime routine if you’re struggling to unwind at the end of a hectic day.

Relieve that stress

When we’re stressed, our bodies produce excess Cortisol. This can cause weight gain when produced in excess. And that weight gain tends to develop more on the stomach area. Stress and lack of sleep usually go hand in hand. But there are things you can try if you want to lower Cortisol levels:

  • Get the right amount of sleep
  • Have some fun
  • Focus on positive relationships

Manage your menstrual cycle

From chocolate cravings to less sleep and more stress, our menstrual cycle can play havoc on our weight loss goals. Plan ahead and allow yourself to indulge a little when you need to. And don’t let a small weight gain discourage you. The fitter and healthier you get, the less your menstrual cycle will affect you.

  • Don’t skip the gym. Try less intense classes if you feel tired and bloated.
  • Combat sugar cravings by staying hydrated
  • Fill the fridge with healthy snacks to help combat snacking

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals will hurt your weight loss in the long term. You may initially eat fewer calories, but it will make weight loss that much harder. It stimulates your body to store fat because it thinks it may be starving, but you’ll also find yourself getting more junk food cravings.

  • Try intermittent fasting as an alternative.
  • Fill up with a high fibre, high protein meals to keep you feeling full for longer.


Lose belly fat to look great and feel amazing by examining what you eat and make changes for the long term. If this sounds difficult, try lots of small changes to what you consume and how much you move.

And be kind to yourself by celebrating all the little wins. And do not give yourself a hard time if you have a terrible week. And most important of all, if you want to get rid of that belly fat forever, be patient.

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