Skin Care Guide for Oily Skin

Genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, a bad diet, seasonal changes and an inadequate beauty routine are only some of the reasons why you might be facing oily skin problems. The problem is caused by the overproduction of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which induces an excess of sebum production in the skin. Although not all women are bothered by shiny-looking skin, there is no one who feels good about clogged, enlarged pores and acne. No matter what you heard, even the most sensitive skin can be nurtured successfully and look healthy. The key is in good skin care and life routines and quality products. Also, you must be very careful to use the appropriate products for your skin type.

Pick your products wisely

When it comes to choosing the right cleanser, you need to pay attention to pick the one low in salicylic acid in order to avoid skin irritation. The experts’ advice is to clean your skin without overdrying it, so make sure not to choose very harsh scrubs as these can result in increased oil production. Also, to get that soft and smooth effect, your moisturizer needs to include glycerin and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, as well as niacinamide to even the skin tone and reduce dark splotches. In addition, glycolic acid is a very important and helpful ingredient in your lotions, peels and creams, as it reduces oil production. Paying attention to the ingredients in your products is important as not every private label skin care manufacturer is the same. Some may include more of one than other suppliers and some may omit an ingredient you desire entirely. When it comes to sunscreens, it’s best to go with the hypoallergenic ones that are free of oil and parabens. In addition, make sure all your skin products are lightweight and non-comedogenic in order to prevent pores clogging.

Regulate your diet

Try to avoid fast food, sweets, spicy food and alcohol. These types of food and drinks cause perspiration, and sweat is not a friend to oily skin. Instead, try to include some nutrients rich in vitamin A in your everyday diet. Vegetables that are high in Vitamin A and best when eaten raw are carrots, spinach, sweet red pepper and lettuce. While sweet potato and kale need to be cooked. Butter, cheddar, blue, feta and cream cheese are also high in vitamin A and should be part of your diet. Apart from being high in vitamin A, trout, caviar, salmon and tuna as well as pumpkin seeds are rich in omega-3 fats which help in regulating the hormone responsible for oil production.

Check your skin care routine

In order to have healthy skin, the routine of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and using sun cream must not be skipped. When it comes to cleansers, what might come as a surprise to the majority is that oil cleansers are actually made for oily skin, as oil attracts sebum from your skin and prevents extra greasiness. In addition, it is a good solution to do double cleansing, so you can use an organic cleanser after the oily one as it proves to be beneficial for greasy skin care. However, don’t exaggerate with cleansing, as washing your skin more than twice per day can be counter-effective. After cleansing, don’t forget to exfoliate, and make sure to use natural skin care products. Therefore, a gentle, natural scrub would be a perfect solution in order to avoid extra sebum supplementation and irritation. Finally, don’t you ever skip moisturizing. A lot of people might think that oily skin does not need much moisturizing but it is actually quite the opposite. If you don’t moisturize your oily skin, it will overcompensate in producing more oil, which will result in clogged pores. In order to avoid extra greasiness, your skin needs to get hydrated by using a natural lightweight lotion or cream.

Life habits

If you can’t avoid putting on makeup on a regular basis, at least make sure to apply it in light layers and use only non-comedogenic products. Never forget to take off your makeup before exercising or going to bed. Also, make sure to get enough sleep, as sleep deprivation results in insulin increase which further affects sebum overproduction. Also, stress has similar effects on your body, so if you can’t change your stressful job or life conditions, try to find time during the day to relax or meditate.

As it stands for almost everything in life, consistency in your skin care routine is the key to healthy skin, no matter how sensitive it naturally is. So make sure not to skip these steps in your beauty regime, no matter how tired you are in the evening. Also, it is always important to read the labels on the skin care products before you purchase them and remember, natural is always better!

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