The ABCs of Vitamin C serums

Vitamin C, which is also sometimes known as ascorbic acid, is the mother of all skin care products. Vitamin C is one of the most effective and most powerful antioxidants in the market and they have become all the rage among users because they work.

Owing to their efficiency, organic vitamin C serums have become a great alternative for anyone that wants to work on reducing their wrinkles, as well as any skin blemishes -and the Vitamin C Serum Private Label is the best there is today.

Vitamin C serums like the Vitamin C Serum Private Label has a potent ability to improve your skin, fight the effects and signs of aging, as well as enhance collagen production to save your skin from sagging.

Benefits of vitamin C Serums


Serums that have vitamin C help to stimulate collagen production which is vital because it tends to slow down as we age. Collagen is the structural protein that holds skin cells together and gives it some elasticity, all of which are essential for healthy skin.

Prevents acne and acne scarring

Integratore Vitamina C has anti-inflammatory properties that can both clear up acne and prevent the redness and scarring that comes with it.

Shield against sun damage

A high-quality vitamin C serum like the Vitamin C Serum Private Label can be able to reverse some damages of sunbathing as well as protect you from UV rays. Please note that although vitamin C serums can do wonders for your skin, do not forget to combine it with sunscreen for added SPF protection.

Reduces under eye circles

Vitamin C has been known to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of circles under your eye.

Picking a Vitamin C Serum

When picking vitamin C serums, you should be on the lookout for serums that contain pure L-ascorbic acid, which is the most bio-available variety of vitamin C. As such, always try to invest in a Vitamin C serum that contains about 15-20% L-ascorbic acid. Try and avoid serums that have ascorbyl palmitate as it does not offer any unique benefit and a potency like L-ascorbic acid.

How to use it

While using vitamin C Serum Private Label regularly can help you get the best out of this miracle product, it should not be slathered all over your face or skin. Instead, you should use it sparingly owing to its potency so you will only need a few drops with each application. Apply the Vitamin C Serum Private Label right after you cleanse and follow it up with a moisturizer or with your favorite sunscreen.

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