Transitioning To Eating Clean and Green

A large number of people have joined the recent obsession for a healthy lifestyle, which is partly influenced by gorgeous food shots and motivational weight loss photos that have been circulating social media. However, there are still some who remain apprehensive about making the clean lifestyle switch because the prospect of letting go of junk food in favour of healthier alternatives seems daunting.

The truth is that a lot of people have the wrong idea about a clean eating lifestyle. While it is true that turning vegan or vegetarian has a plethora of dietary restrictions, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy good food. There are alternatives to just about any kitchen essential, such as clean protein powder and vegan butter, which make the transitional period much more manageable. Here are some healthy diet favourites that you should try.


One of the critical points about shifting to a healthier lifestyle is finding a balance between good and bad. While it does not necessarily mean ultimately making the 360-degree shift to veganism, it is both physically and environmentally healthy to cut down on your meat intake. However, there are undoubtedly several plant-based methods to replicate the texture and taste of your favourite proteins.

For example, mushrooms are one of the most popular ingredients for creating vegan meat. Manufacturers, home cooks, and professional chefs alike grind them down and reform them to create a meat-like texture. With mushrooms, you can replicate veggie burgers, fishless fingers, and other fun meals.

Clean Protein Powder

A post-workout and smoothie ingredient essential that many are not looking forward to letting go of is whey protein. The powder is a high-quality protein full of amino acids, probiotics, and other wonderful nutrients that help in weight management, digestion, and muscle recovery. However, you will be happy to know that there is an entirely vegan alternative that does not skip on the benefits, which means that you can still have your daily protein smoothie.

A plant-based clean protein powder primarily consists of peas and healthy grains, multi-complex enzymes, and stevia to sweeten. They are free of gluten and animal byproducts, no added sugars, and no gums or thickeners, which make them perfect for any dietary restrictions. While the amino acid profile from plants is different from animals, you will still get an excellent dose of all the essential nutrients. The best part? They come in a whole bunch of natural flavours, including salted caramel and vanilla. Consequently, you can continue enjoying your quick protein fix guilt-free.

Dark Chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is completely plant-based and vegan? You heard that right — your favourite sweet treats primarily consist of cocoa butter and cacao, all of which come from the natural cacao plant. There are plenty of “accidentally vegan” dark chocolates stocked in grocery stores’ shelves, so you do not have to look far to find a snack to enjoy. If you love to keep things homemade, then you can make dark chocolate at home with a few ingredients. But if dark chocolate is too bitter for you, consider adding a plant or nut-based milk or vanilla extract to help milden the flavour.

Eating healthy is all about keeping an 80-20 balance, which essentially means that 80% of your meals should be good for you, while the last 20% serves as a room for indulgence. There is nothing wrong with eating a pizza once in a while, but transitioning to a clean lifestyle entails controlling the frequency of healthy versus junk eating in favour of personal wellness. By making small changes in your diet, you will come to love the healthy lifestyle and naturally gravitate towards it.

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