Ultimate Guide to know about perfect Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplant usually prefers for those people who want to shift their hair follicles from one body part to a bald area. Usually, those body parts that have excess hairs follicles are known as donor site which can shift to another recipient site of the body which is bald. Primarily Hair transplant in Delhi is considered as a cosmetic surgery which recommended for those men and women who have fewer hairs and usually in the head they see bald patches. In this procedure, the strands will take approximately 8-9 months to fully grow back.

Most of the people think that hair transplant technique is the latest fad, but in actual this surgery is recommended for those people who are suffering from hair loss problems in their young ages. Many Bollywood actors like Salman Khan, Amir Khan and many other celebrities are the best example for this workable surgery. Most of the people think that this technique is risky and costly that’s why they do not prefer to go right there for this remarkable technique.

Methods of Hair transplant in Delhi:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In Follicular Unit Transplantation surgeons and doctors shifts thousand of cuttings from the Hairy body part or donor sites to the Bladed region.  This whole treatment completed in one session to maximize the effects of medical treatment.  In this treatment patients are provided by some local anesthesia which can use to reduce the pain during this Hair transplant in Delhi.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

In Follicular Unit Extraction surgeons shift only few hair follicles from the donor site to the bladed areas. This Unit extraction usually recommended for men who are running with excessive Baldness in few areas of the head. In this procedure there is no need for the anesthesia or any other pain relieving medicines.  FUE is the most effective methods for Hair transplant in Delhi because of the patient a return to their healthy lifestyle in a few days.

Benefits provided by advanced Hair transplant treatment:

Majority of Men and women who are suffering from hair loss will restore their hairlines with this treatment. Women who are looking for a perfect solution to get thicker and longs eyelashes or eyebrows will go for this hair transplant in Delhi.

A much surgical procedure like Facelift or Botox can cause hair loss. These kinds of people who are suffering from hair loss after cosmetic treatment can go for Hair transplant in Delhi.

Misconceptions about Hair transplant in Delhi:

Various people called this surgical treatment a risky and not effective procedure. These kinds of people are holding out some misconceptions about hair transplant treatment.

Most of the people think that with this surgery they will get the solution to their hair loss. But this is wrong. Hair transplantation process is used to resolve the balding condition that occurs due to having hair loss.

Most of the hair loss problems are common in many people due to genetics problem, and approximately 80% of the people lose at least 100 strands of their head hairs every day. Until we see a severe balding, we should not start thinking about Hair transplant in Delhi.

People think that having a hair transplant is just like wearing a wig, but this conception is wrong. Hair transplant is a medical process that is different from synthetic wig hairs.

Age restriction for hair transplant:

Many surgeons recommend operating a patient for a hair transplant for the Age of 25 to 45. In this age, surgeons can quickly identify the eventual patterns and cause of hair loss. If a patient below the age of 25 wants to go for a Hair transplant in Delhi cannot be entirely judged because of immature cells in the bloodstream. It is complicated to determine the donor stability in this age.  FUE hair transplant should perform after the age of 25. Patient with age less than 30 can suffer from massive hair loss problem because of increasing in hormonal level found in the bloodstream especially in Men.

Estimated Cost of Hair transplant:

Cost of Hair transplant in Delhi is depending upon the severity of hair loss. The cost depends on the methods of hair transplant used by clinical surgeons like FUE or FUT. According to the Indian currency Hair transplant all over India can cost around $747.267 US Dollar.


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