Eat Chocolate For The Breakfast? Why Not?

Do you also wake up sometimes feeling the craving of chocolate but feel like eating a plain chocolate bar first thing in the morning wouldn’t be so good for your health? or is it a good idea to eat chocolate for breakfast? We got you there.

First things first – chocolate isn’t a bad thing to eat in the morning! On the contrary, science proves that eating chocolate products can boost your brain power and therefore prepare you for a long day of studying or working. Secondly, eating a plain chocolate bar or chocolate-flavored cereals isn’t the only way to incorporate this amazing ingredient in your breakfast.

Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast

Here are 7 more ways to eat chocolate for breakfast and get a positive power for the rest of the day!

#1. Chocolate Sprinkles

A very simple idea is to cover your plain slice of bread or a toast with chocolate spread. If you don’t want to make it that easy, get some chocolate sprinkles and garnish a toast smeared with butter with it. Sounds weird? Not everywhere! Dutch people, for instance, have been doing it for decades! They even sell various kinds of ‘breakfast sprinkles’ and they call them ‘hagelslag’ which literally means ‘a hailstorm’. Despite the fact that Dutch cuisine is not the most popular worldwide, this one is worth trying for sure.

#2. Pancakes or French Toasts

If you have a little bit more time in the morning, treat yourself with a warm batch of pancakes or french toasts. You can either use melted chocolate as a topping or mix cocoa powder in the batter. Use fresh fruit such as bananas or raspberries to make it a bit lighter and healthier! This is a great way to spend some nice time on a Sunday morning, enjoying a warm and delicious meal. Add to that some flavorful coffee or freshly squeezed juice and you’ll have the breakfast of gods!

#3. Smoothie

If you don’t have a lot of time during the weekdays and your breakfast is usually on the run to work or school – make something that you can take with you. A smoothie is a great option, as you can make it however you like. Mix in some bananas, milk and cocoa powder for a light chocolate shake, add some avocados, strawberries, peanut butter or coconut milk for richer flavor. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the best ingredients yourself!

#4. Chocolate Coffee

Another way of drinking chocolate in the morning is by incorporating it in your coffee. You can either buy a chocolate flavored coffee or simply mix in a bit of cocoa powder. If you prefer, use chocolate syrup and add a bit of whipped cream on top to make a fancy mocha. Try out different types of chocolate – white, milk or dark – to see which one suits you best!

#5. Muffins, Bars or Cookies

If you usually rush in the morning and simply don’t have time to cook anything extra, try preparing a batch of breakfast products at the weekend and enjoy them the whole week long. The choice is broad – from muffins, through hand-made granola bars to cookies. Again, you can experiment with the flavors. Try to mix in some old-fashioned oats to get some fiber for breakfast. You can use avocados or bananas as the source of fat. As for chocolate – it’s up to you if you mix in some chocolate chips or cocoa powder. You can also use baking chocolate for the best results. These snacks are easy to store and if you don’t have time to eat them at home, you can also take them with you.

#6. Overnight Oats

Here is another idea for a busy morning – overnight oats! It’s super easy: just mix some old-fashioned oats with milk or yogurt (or even just water) and let it rest overnight so that in the morning you can enjoy smooth and creamy oatmeal. Add some cocoa powder to have a delicious snack after you wake up. You can diversify is the way you want, by adding peanut butter or fresh fruit.

#7. Chia Pudding

Similar to overnight oats you can also prepare an overnight chia pudding! The chia seeds are called ‘super-food’ for a good reason – they contain antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats – a whole package that you need for a good breakfast. The preparation is easy – just mix some dry chia seeds with the milk of your choice (plant-based milk works great too!) and leave it in your fridge in the evening. The next morning you will have a delicious, creamy pudding that you can garnish with whatever topping you like. Mix some cocoa powder beforehand or add chocolate chips afterward for an amazing chocolate flavor.

The list could go on… There are so many ways to eat chocolate for breakfast, that it’s not possible to mention all of them. So come on, try them out! A delicious chocolate breakfast will make you have a great day!

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