What Parents Need to Know About Neuropsychological Testing for their Children

Colorado Springs prides itself on being a region that has a vibrant recreation and lifestyle scene. The majestic Rocky Mountains highlight this beautiful city and provide a conducive learning environment. This city has high-quality K-12 to schools that garnered high scores in national assessments for its educational and enrollment levels.

Amidst the exceptional educational system, some students have a difficult time catching up with their peers when it comes to learning. After exhausting all possible interventions within the school setting, school officials usually recommend an expert in neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs to assess the child.

As a parent of a student who is struggling in school, you may have hundreds of questions and concerns running through your mind. To provide clarity and confidence on this testing breakthrough, here are some essential questions and their answers about Neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs.

What is Neuropsychological testing?

Neuropsychological testing is an evaluation of how a person learns and processes information. It helps to assess learning challenges and cognitive, psychological, and academic functioning.

A Neuropsychologist facilitates a one-on-one session with the student and engages them in an assortment of short yet exciting activities. After the evaluation, the Neuropsychologist will accomplish an evaluation report.

What information can the Neuropsychological testing provide?

Two different areas comprise the assessment. The first one is how a student processes information in a series of domains. These innate skills include:

  • Spatial skills
  • Verbal skills
  • Reasoning skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Memory skills
  • Attentional Skills

On the other hand, the assessment also measures academic skill development. This data provides a more unobstructed view of the skills developed by the student in connection with the educational environment. The skills include:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling

The various components of these skills are addressed through multiple stages of the testing. The tests are standardized, and the student’s score is analyzed within a range. There is an opportunity to compare a student’s reasoning skills with their verbal skills. Usually, there are differences between innate skills and educational skills. As with dyslexia, for example, a student may have exceptional vocabulary skills but may struggle with learning how to read.

What Happens After the Testing?

The Neuropsychologist will write a detailed report that provides the student’s strengths and weaknesses. There will also be a set of recommendations. Parents will need to sit down with the Neuropsychologist and discuss the results. Results will be shared with the school so that they can create a special education program or any appropriate academic adjustment or accommodations.

What are the benefits of Neuropsychological testing on a student?

This type of testing can help a student in the following ways:

  • It prevents emotional issues: Students who are having difficulty learning may be stricken with guilt, a lack of motivation, anxiety, low self-esteem, or fear. By finding out the root cause of the problem, students will be able to prevent or handle these issues. Counseling or psychotherapy can significantly help students manage these concerns.
  • It helps the students understand themselves better: Often, students who are lagging in school are the victims of mistaken inferences about their abilities or intelligence. Students who find out that they have real challenges find immense relief. Moreover, having possible solutions or programs that they know can help them provide hope and the will to dream again.

Poor academic performance is not always about the refusal to try or lack of motivation. Sometimes, there are underlying Neuropsychological issues that need to be addressed. Through Neuropsychological testing in Colorado Springs, a student will have the chance for a brighter future.

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