Know More About the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implants are a popular option for people who are interested in replacing teeth. They look very natural and can improve the health of your teeth and gums. However, what concerns most people about this procedure is the cost. Though estimates tend to vary based on various factors, the average dental implant can cost up to five figures. In this article, we’ll discuss a few reasons why dental implants cost so much.

  1. Stages

Time is a huge factor when it comes to the price of a dental implant. While many implants are done in a single stage, most require a 2-stage process. This is especially the case if the patient needs a bone graft to ensure more stability.

During the first stage, the implant will be inserted into the jaw and the dentist will stitch the incision over. The patient must then wait for three to six months for the implant to become fused to the bone. During the second stage, the dentist will install the crown.

The dental implant isn’t a procedure that can be done in a matter of hours. It takes a great deal of time and care. And these extra hours and follow-ups can add to the cost.

  1. Multiple Implants

There’s a chance that you may only be replacing one tooth. However, if there was trauma involved or you’ve suffered from gum disease you may be replacing several teeth. In these instances, the investment is going to be significantly more. The more teeth that need to be replaced, the more work you’ll need to be done.

  1. Materials

Most people don’t consider the materials that are needed during this procedure. They can be quite costly. This is especially the case if you want to ensure that your implants last for a long time. The best implants are composed of biocompatible materials that can be easily integrated with your bones. Your body will accept this material as its own and it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

The best dental implant materials are titanium and titanium alloy. Some dentists prefer zirconium since the color blends so well with your natural teeth. When you pay for your surgery, you’re paying for the material as well.

  1. Scans

There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of before the actual surgery. Specifically, your dentist will have to take special scans and x-rays of your mouth. This way, they’re able to tell if your jawbone is suited for the surgery. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary complications. The scans and x-rays will add to the costs. Depending on the type of x-ray your dentist takes, it could cost hundreds.

  1. Technology

Another important factor in the cost of your dental implant procedure is technology. To ensure that your implants are accurately placed, dentists will often use state-of-the-art computer software. If the dentist is interested in static placement, then it will require that special guides be created from scans. If the dentist prefers dynamic placement they’ll use software and monitors and software to guide their hands throughout the procedure. So you’re paying the cost for the use of this advanced technology.

  1. Location

One of the biggest factors that you should consider when thinking about the cost of dental implants is the location. Specifically, the surgery may cost more if you have the procedure done in the U.S. However, the cost is not just about the country, it also depends on the area and facility. This is particularly true if the practice you choose pays a lot in overhead. In most cases, the more upscale the environment, the higher the costs.

  1. Training and Expertise

Dental implants are an extremely invasive procedure. It requires the help of a skilled and knowledgeable individual. And in most cases, you’re paying for the expertise of your cosmetic dentist. The more experienced and highly-trained your dental surgeon, the more you should expect to pay for the surgery.

It takes a lot to become a cosmetic dentist. To receive state licensing, surgeons are required to pass a National Board Dental Examination. Not only that but to be able to perform dental implants, they must receive extensive training after finishing dental school and complete a 6-year residency.

There are some instances in which your oral surgeon may be dual degreed. This means that after they completed dental school, they went on to complete medical school. To maintain their board certification, oral surgeons have to be recertified every 10 years.

  1. Bone Grafts

If your dentist decides to take a bone graft, then this will add to the cost. Bone grafts are done with the patient’s jawbone and aren’t able to support an implant. This is a separate surgery in which bone is applied to your existing bone so that it can fuse with it and grow. A simple bone graft can cost as much as $1,200.

The Takeaway

If you’re wondering why dental implants in Houston, Tx cost so much, you need to consider the many elements that go into this surgery. You’re paying for the time and care that it takes to perform the surgery and monitor your progress. You may be paying for multiple tooth replacements. You’re purchasing the materials that your implants are made of. You’re investing in the scans and technology. The cost is also affected by the location, the expertise of your doctor, and any extra surgeries that can help you to prepare for the implant.

There are instances in which your dentist may be able to reduce the price based on your specific dental needs. For instance, you may not need a bone graft or certain scans. However, when you consider the health of your teeth and bones as well as how long the results will last, it’s more than with the investment.

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