How to Kill Maggots, 8 Home Remedies for Maggots

Most homeowners find it a difficult task to get rid of maggots, and in the event of a serious infestation, it can be worthwhile contacting professionals, similar to those at Experts will have experience in eliminating many varieties of pests including eggs and larvae, so will likely have all the right equipment and methods to remove maggots too. However, the process of eliminating the hassle associated with maggots is not always as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is to learn the right techniques that are available on how to kill maggots. Here is a list of some of the most effective methods to kill Maggots. You will be able to receive amazing results by following these tips.

How to Kill Maggots

1- Use Permethrin

Permethrin can be considered as a synthetic chemical, which is widely being used in insecticides. Hence, you can think about using products that come along with permethrin as an active ingredient to overcome the hassle associated with maggots. Even though permethrin is widely being used by people in order to kill lice and scabies, it can help you with your goals to eliminate maggots as well. To make your life easy when applying permethrin, you can mix it along with dog shampoo. In other words, you can create a simple solution by adding permethrin and dog shampoo to boiling water. Then you just have to take a small amount of the solution and dump over maggots to receive impressive results.

2- Use Bleach


Using bleach is also identified as an effective chemical method that you can follow to eliminate maggots. You can easily find bleach and this will be a convenient method to follow. Before applying bleach, you will have to create a solution. In order to do that, you need to add bleach to the water. Once you complete preparing the solution, you can put it over the maggots. In case if you are trying to get rid of maggots found in the trash can, you only have to put a small amount of mixture into the can and then close the lid. Fumes of bleach are powerful to suffocate the maggots.

3- Use a Bed Bug Killer


This may sound like an obvious method to get rid of maggots, but most of the homeowners don’t have a clear understanding of it. You must already be having a bed bug killer spray at home. Whenever you discover maggots, you need to take the spray and apply. Even though this method cannot deliver extremely positive results like permethrin, you will be able to receive decent results in eliminating the maggots. The only difference is that a bed bug killer will take a longer time period, around 30 minutes to kill the maggots. If you are comfortable with it, you can go ahead and use a bed bug killer without keeping any doubt in mind.

4- Boil the Maggots

If you are looking for a natural method to get rid of maggots, you can think about boiling them. This can deliver perfect results to you at the end of the day. In case if you are dealing with the hassle of quarantined maggots, such as inside your garbage bin, this is the most appropriate technique available for you to follow. To get started with this technique, you will have to prepare a large pot containing boiling water. While the water is boiling, you need to remove garbage, where you see the maggots are feeding on. Once you do it, water will reach the boiling temperature. Next, you will have to pour boiling water into the garbage bin. After you pour boiling water, you will have to close the lid of the garbage bin for some time, so that the maggots will suffocate.

5- Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

By sprinkling diatomaceous earth over maggots, you will be able to overcome the frustration associated with them. Even though you cannot find diatomaceous earth at your garden, you will not find it as a difficult task to find them in the neighborhood. In fact, diatomaceous earth is sedimentary earth, which is widely being used for a variety of insecticide and cleaning products. Once you apply diatomaceous earth over the maggots, they will die after some time. That’s because the diatomaceous earth has the ability to stick to the surface of the body of maggots. As a result, they will slowly dehydrate. Due to the deficiency of water pressure created by diatomaceous earth, the maggots will die. Hence, you will be able to overcome the frustration associated with them.

6- Use Vinegar and Water


You can easily use vinegar and water found in your kitchen to overcome the hassle caused by maggots. In order to do that, you will have to create a solution by adding vinegar into the water. Then you can flood all the maggots with this solution. This simple method can deliver effective and long-lasting results to you with eliminating the frustration caused by maggots.

7- Freeze the Maggots

First of all, you need to keep in mind that this method is not the best approach available for you to follow when you are getting rid of a horde of maggots. But if you want to get rid of few maggots, you can try this method without keeping a doubt in mind. In order to get started with the method, you will have to place the maggots inside a garbage bag. Then you can add the garbage bag into your freezer and leave for some time. The reduced temperature will eliminate a headache caused by maggots.

8- Use Salt and Lime

Using salt and lime can be considered as another convenient solution available for you to follow when you are overcoming the pain caused by maggots. The method of using salt and lime is pretty much similar to the method you had to follow when you were using diatomaceous earth. You need to take salt and lime, mix them to create a mixture and sprinkle the mixture on top of maggots. It will dehydrate the maggots and help you to overcome a headache caused. This method can also deliver positive results to you in a couple of minutes.

We hope that the question of how to kill maggots is now been answered with easy to apply home remedies. Please give your feedback below in comments section. Cheers!

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