6 Myths About Drug Rehab: Are They Still Holding You Back from Regaining Control over Your Life?

Addicts often fail to seek treatment as they have been given misinformation concerning rehab. Sadly, they are only hurting themselves when this is the case. The time has come to clear up certain misconceptions about rehab to ensure every addict has the chance to recover from the addiction and live a full and happy life.

Inpatient Rehab Is Best

Some individuals believe an addict has to be removed from familiar surroundings to make progress. This isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, many people taking part in rehab in Seattle do so on an outpatient basis or through a 12-step recovery program. What works for one person might not be appropriate for another, and people need to explore all options to determine what they feel is the best fit for the addict.

Hitting Rock Bottom

People often hear an addict must hit rock bottom before he or she will be willing to accept treatment. In reality, a person can seek treatment at any time. This may be the individual who is just now realizing his or her alcohol use is becoming excessive or it may be the person who has lost their job, their family, and their home as a result of drug use who seeks help. There is no wrong time to obtain treatment when you are an addict.

Rehab Isn’t Needed to Quit

People often state they can quit using it at any time. However, support truly is needed at this time. Addiction leads to physiological changes in the body. In fact, quitting cold turkey can actually be harmful to some addicts. For this reason, any person who wishes to overcome an addiction should obtain professional help in doing so. This is the safest way to ensure that stopping the use of the drug won’t do more harm than good.

Rehab Is Expensive

Although some treatment options are costly, this isn’t the case for all. In fact, insurance carriers are required to provide treatment for substance abuse under the Affordable Care Act. In addition, there are state-funded programs for those who cannot afford a treatment center without help. Payment plans are offered at many facilities and these are only a few of the ways to make treatment more accessible to all. It’s simply a matter of requesting help in this area and many will find they can obtain it.

I Won’t Have a Job

Men and women often avoid seeking treatment for fear they will lose their job. However, most employers have already recognized the worker has an issue before he or she approaches them about attending rehab. Furthermore, many employees can take time off for an inpatient rehab program under the Family and Medical Leave Act without worry about losing their job. Be sure to investigate all options so this concern can be laid to rest.

All Treatment Programs Are Alike

Nothing is further from the truth. Each program has its own methods that need to be researched to determine if they are right for the addict. In addition, many programs now offer a special feature, such as art or equine therapy, that may be of benefit to the patient. Don’t assume that simply because one treatment program isn’t right for a person that none will be right. Keep looking until the appropriate rehab option is located.

Speak to a rehab counsellor today to learn more about the available options. This is the easiest way to clear up any misconceptions one may have about treatment. When one has all of the facts, the right path to recovery becomes easier to see, so be sure to obtain this information today.

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