6 Reasons Why Tupelo Honey is so special

Tupelo honey is so unique that the legendary rock star Van Morrison made a song inspired by it. This rare kind of honey is also known as liquid gold because of its glorious history and production process. To understand what the buzz is all about, get a bottle of tupelo honey for sale online.

Tupelo honey is one of the sought-after honey in the world for the following reasons:

The Source

Tupelo honey comes from the blossoms of the Black Tupelo tree. Its scientific name Nyssa sylvatica means “water fairy of the woods.” This name perfectly describes where this beautiful tree thrives- along tidal marshes and seagrass meadows of the Florida panhandle.

The Black Tupelo is also referred to as gum tree, bowl gum, or yellow gum. It is famous for its fantastic display of fall foliage. Its sweet blossoms serve as a site for droves of bees, making it an abundant source of delightful honey.

Harvesting Conditions

The Tupelo blossoms are extraordinarily delicate. Bees love the nectar that comes from the small pistils. Heavy rains or wind, a common occurrence. It can rip the flowers right off the trees. This condition makes collecting tupelo honey a difficult feat. Not to mention the minimal period of harvest, which only lasts for three to four weeks. It may be hard to get the hives out of the area, but the resulting product is totally worth it.

No Crystallization

Pure Tupelo honey for sale is resistant to crystallization. What prevents it from happening is the ratio of fructose to glucose. There are batches of Tupelo honey that are already over 50 years old and have not yet crystallized. This property makes it perfect for a smooth flow of sweetness on your pancakes and ice cream.

A Unique Taste and Appearance

The taste of tupelo honey stands out from the usual honey that many people are used to. It has a buttery smooth, delicate flavor. Some tupelo honey fans even describe it as being close to menthol.

Tupelo honey has a slightly golden color. It gives out a green tint when held in the light. It does not granulate, so you will always have a beautiful, flawless amber liquid.

Natural Sugar Content

This kind of honey is an excellent choice for people who have blood glucose problems or diabetes. Its high fructose content is absorbed quicker in the body than the regular table sugar, thus making it a better alternative. It also prevents the common crash that often comes with other sweet treats and additives.


Tupelo honey is rich in Vitamin C, thiamine, calcium, potassium, and iron. Experts believe that a serving of tupelo honey loads the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Its high Vitamin C content helps the body get rid of toxins, which prevents a slew of diseases.

The exceptional process that Tupelo honey goes through makes it very special. The utmost care that and systematic preparation assures consumers that they only get the best that nature has to offer. Its benefits make it even sweeter. Indeed, Van Morrison knows what he is singing about.

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