CBD Oil: What Is the Correct Dosage?

In recent years, medical marijuana has been gaining popularity and overcoming legal obstacles by leaps and bounds. While most people think of the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis called THC, researchers have uncovered another cannabis ingredient that has significant health benefits called cannabidiol, or CBD. For individuals to reap the health benefits of CBDs, they are concentrated into oil and made into a tincture. Those interested in CBD oil products can view oils here.

The Positive Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil is not psychoactive and will not give a person the same “high” feeling as THC does. Still, CBD has recently gained popularity as an effective treatment for a wide range of issues. These issues include anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, pain, inflammation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, migraines, and even irritable bowel disease. Research is still being conducted on these and other proposed health benefits of CBD oil, and new information touting its many uses becomes available regularly.

CBD Oil Dosage

Since each condition requires a different dosage, it is important for people to know how much they should take for their personal needs. There are several other things to take into account when deciding the optimal dosage, including the condition being treated, the user’s body weight, the user’s individual chemistry, and the CBD tincture’s potency. In other words, there are many variables that go into how much to take, and some adjustments may be necessary based on a person’s report about how well their symptoms are being managed.

In general, a person should start with a low dose of about 2.5mg and slowly increase the amount after one week. For a 1-ounce tincture that contains 500mg of CBDs, a person who weighs about 150lbs should start by taking just a few drops of CBD oil two to three times per day. Be mindful of how the CBD oil is managing symptoms and slowly increase as needed until symptoms are effectively managed.

Those taking CBD oil must pay attention to the concentration of the tincture they take. Concentrations vary, and the dosage will be different for each concentration level.

How Much is Too Much?

One of the best qualities of CBD oil is that even high doses, even up to 1500mg per day, have been reported to be safe. For individuals taking medications, it is important that they discuss taking CBD oil with a healthcare provider first, as some medications may interact with it.

CBD Oil Side Effects

Most people watch closely for side effects or allergic reactions when taking a new medication. However, CBD oil has very few side effects, and most people do not experience them. The side effects of CBD oil can include diarrhea, fatigue, weight change, or appetite change. Additionally, those who take CBD oil regularly over time will not experience withdrawal symptoms upon cessation.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil is an excellent treatment option for a variety of issues and has very few side effects or negative interactions. Depending on the state a person lives in and the legality of CBD oil in their area, a healthcare provider may be able to recommend the best dosage for their needs. Those interested in using CBD oil should be mindful of where they source their tincture, as CBD oil is not FDA regulated and quality can vary between manufacturers.

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