Debunking the 4 Common Fallacies about Contraceptives

Health and wellness empowerment are an integral part of taking charge of one’s health. It enables one to stay informed at all times to lead a productive, healthy lifestyle. One of the most significant health reproductive topics that people seek to gain as much knowledge as possible is contraceptives.

Getting credible information on Planned Parenthood is quite vital. It thus enables one to empower themselves with what needs to get done concerning their life. However, there are various scenarios of misconceptions about birth control methods. Here are common fallacies that you must never believe.

Contraceptives make one enormous gain weight

Most people dread birth control methods in fear of gaining excess weight. However, you need to know that most of it tends to be water weight that often flushes out in the next cycle.

You also need to know that each person has a different reaction to hormonal contraceptives. Thus, the need to consult a medical professional on the best possible method that’ll work for you. Some of these methods always use sharps to get them into one’s body. Thus, there’s a need for managing sharps waste effectively. It, therefore, ensures that each person gets protected from any life-threatening illness.

It’s impossible to get pregnant while breastfeeding

Here’s another myth that most people tend to hold on to mostly. However, the reality dawns on one when you can get pregnant. If you aren’t ready for another bundle of joy while nursing the little one, you need to be familiar with the lactational amenorrhea method.

It’s one of the appropriate contraceptives that one can use during the first six months when they are engaging in exclusive breastfeeding.

Contraceptives start taking effect as soon as you receive them

You need to know that birth control methods take time before they become fully competent in one’s system.

Thus, some rarely work immediately upon receiving them. It’s always best to have a backup plan on the first initial days upon taking these contraceptives.

All contraceptives are 100% efficient

The harsh reality is that no contraceptive’s entirely one hundred percent effect unless you exercise abstinence. Thus, you need to be extra careful with the route you intend to take.

The best way to get a more efficient method is by consulting your gynecologist. It’s a chance to get in-depth information as well as the right prescription. You also need to be constantly aware of all the contraceptives and their efficacy before you begin using any of them.

Take complete control of your reproductive health by attaining the relevant and correct facts. It’ll enable you to plan when to get your family right. As you also get to the hospital, you ought to consult on the best method that works for you. You need to be keen and check the facilities’ means of managing sharps waste. Thus, you can become assured that will proper disposal of the staff, patients, and environment at large gets protected. Debunking the common myths will make the selection of birth control more seamless rather than demanding.

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