How effective are Keto Bars for Your Ketogenic Diet?

The Keto diet took the world by storm because of its low-carb, high fat, and protein approach. The idea of the dietary regimen is to get quality calories from your fat and protein intake. And this means you cut back on sugary drinks, sodas, white bread, pastries, and most sources of carbohydrates.

The eating plan is similar to the Atkins diet and recommended for people who would like to shed those extra pounds. Keto Protein Bars are excellent nutritional snacks when you are getting your body in shape.

These products are low-carb snacks with no added sugar but add an extra punch of protein to your daily nutritional intake. Protein bars can be taken anywhere for a light meal, filling your stomach with the goodness of recipe mixtures.

Looking for the best low-carb, low-sugar protein bars

The market is saturated with protein bars, but it’s almost impossible to search for products supporting your keto diet. Most products contain lots of sugar and hidden carbohydrate sources.

There are some tricks though when shopping for the best low-carb and low-sugar protein bars. Here are some pointers to take along with you:

  • Choose snack bars made from whole-meal food ingredients.
  • The ideal Keto Protein Bars to go for are those containing higher numbers of quality fats and whole sources of plant-based protein. This would include coconut oil, avocado oil, and EVOO.
  • Watch out for products high in artificial sweeteners, including maltitol and sucralose, as they elevate your glucose levels and can upset your digestive tract.

Quality fats are needed to stay in ketosis

One ingredient you should not miss when doing a keto diet is fats. They are your source of energy and keep you in an active ketosis state. When looking for a keto protein bar to supplement your daily caloric intake, look for a keto-friendly bar with 60% fat or higher.

Most often, these bars are packed with naturally-derived ingredients like MCT oil, coconut oil, and extra-virgin olive oil. A good healthy dose of quality fat is a good source of Omega-3, which gives you the right amount of energy to sustain your daily grind. It keeps your stomach full and gets you going throughout the day.

But also watch out for Keto Protein Bars laden with unhealthy saturated fats, including partially hydrogenated fats and those sourced from soybeans.

Go for non-GMO, organic and healthier options

It is almost impossible to find a food product without GMOs. But there are still quite a couple of healthy options available in the market today. Choosing natural organic protein bars are the better alternative because they are not filled with artificial synthetic fibers, sugar alcohols, and manufactured flavors.

To maintain the ketosis levels of your body, it is always a good exercise to read the labels before trying to purchase anything. Also, remember that sugar alcohols are the real killers of a keto diet because they are not real zero-calorie sweeteners.

There are many mislabelled products in the market, and being proactive always ensures you stay in your keto regimen. Finding the right keto protein bar can be hard, but there is a real keto product supporting the dietary regimen you have.

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