How to Become a Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal caregiving or nursing is a work specially meant for caregiving to infants, newborn ones or children with defects during birth or abnormalities. They have to be treated in the first month of their life itself for a better future and the neonatal nursing revolves around the same. There are certain things you must know about neonatal nurses:


There are certain responsibilities of a neonatal nurse which change from one person to another depending on the role they up:

Staff nurses: They are known to provide care for infants that are ill or need care from the first stage itself. Children in ventilators or a mother who is breastfeeding her child might need help.

Practitioners: They are advanced practitioners with technical knowledge who work with doctors and physicians for assisting better care.


The one word to be used for the demand of neonatal nurses is “huge” since it is increasing every single day. It is said that depending on the type of qualification and degrees one has their demands set. The salary is also depending on the demand as well since the better the job; the better the salary is of that person.


The salary for a neonatal nurse varies in different countries and then in metro cities. Although the starting salary of a person in average is $30,000 t0 $50,000 per year, it also varies depending on the different qualifications and the experience one person has. With promotions, the salary of the nurses also increases.

Working Hours:

The working hours for the neonatal nurses vary depending on the place they are working in. It can be the regular business hours or it can be the different 8 or 12 or 24-hour shifts too. The 8-hour shifts are generally time-bound and is regulated for 4-5 days, the 12-hour shifts are for 3-4 days and the 24-hour shifts are even lesser.


  • You have to change the suffering infants into happy and lively ones.
  • You have to give hope to their families and mothers that they will get better.
  • You might have to work overtime and during holidays if necessary.
  • Different nursery levels are there and you will have to work in one of them according to your qualifications.
  • You have to work in nurseries, hospitals and even in rural sectors.


You will have to get a nursing postgraduate degree or diploma. Then only you will be able to get a licence. You will have to select your course carefully when you take up your nursing courses.

Experience/Skills Requirements:

You have to obtain certain skills in order to be a great neonatal nurse:

  • Understanding and patience are the two key factors of this profession since you will have to deal with infants and parents both.
  • Physiology and Psychology is an important section for this nursing category.
  • Interest in babies and newborn infants.
  • Teamwork abilities are a must.

These are the important points you must keep in your mind when becoming a neonatal nurse. You have to be very interested in this and thus get the best!

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