How to Pick the Right Anti-Snoring Device

Do you snore at night? Is it affecting your life (and the lives of anyone sharing your room)? If so, there’s the good news: The market is full of effective anti-snoring device you can choose from.

The problem is that we rarely talk about snoring and its solutions. That’s why anti-snoring devices are so rarely explored and so commonly misunderstood. You can read in-depth reviews of various anti-snoring devices at, but, first, here’s a look at the different options available to you — as well as how to choose the right anti-snoring device for your unique situation.

#1. Use Sinus and/or Allergy Meds

Let’s start with the easiest possible solution: sinus and allergy medication. In many cases, snoring is simply the results of airflow getting constricted at some point in your body. If airflow is constricted due to sinus or allergy issues, finding the right sinus or allergy medication should create the solution you’ve been searching for.

Of course, consider talking to a doctor before you begin taking a medication each night — even an over-the-counter medication. As a bonus, your doctor should be able to recommend a medication that will be most effective for you.

#2. Try Out Nasal Strips

If you’re looking for a low-cost, low-risk way to eliminate your snoring, start with nasal strips. For just a few dollars, you can invest in nasal strips to see if they help eliminate your snoring.

How do they work? Nasal strips lift the nasal passageway ever so slightly, which opens up the passageway and reduces and constriction that might be occurring (and causing your snoring). If constriction in the nasal passageway has been the root cause of your snoring, well-placed nasal strips should do the trick.

Unfortunately, many people snore due to airflow constriction in other parts of the body. Airflow can be constricted in the mouth or throat, too. And, if that’s where airflow is constricted in your body, nasal strips won’t eliminate your snoring.

#3. Buy a Snoring Mouthpiece

If airflow is constricted in your mouth or throat, you may want to explore snoring mouthpieces. Different types of snoring mouthpieces do different things. For example, some move the jaw slightly forward to open up airflow. Some others hold the jaw in place to promote airflow. And still, others hold the tongue in place so that is doesn’t slip back and reduce airflow.

Snoring mouthpieces are relatively inexpensive and they can be highly effective in eliminating several causes of snoring. Unfortunately, snoring mouthpieces won’t help is airflow is constricted in your nasal passageway or in a part of the body other than the mouth or throat.

#4. Choose a Snoring Pillow

If you want a non-invasive and relatively affordable solution, check out snoring pillow options. Snoring pillows are designed to return the body to perfect alignment. Sometimes traditional pillows can place the head and throat into positions that constrict airflow, which is the root cause of snoring. Snoring pillows put the head and throat into better positions for optimal airflow.

This isn’t a solution that will work for everyone. Snoring pillows work best for people whose snoring is simply a result of a poor sleeping position. But, if a snoring pillow works for you, be glad that you’ve found one of the least invasive and most cost-effective solutions on the market.

#5. Invest in a Snoring Mattress

Snoring mattresses are a little more expensive than snoring pillows, but choosing a mattress according to your needs can be a similarly non-invasive approach to eliminating snoring. Also like snoring pillows, snoring mattresses focus on getting your body into the perfect alignment for airflow. When the airflow problem is solved, your snoring should disappear.

While snoring mattresses are significantly more expensive than snoring pillows, most come with some sort of trial period. Take advantage of these trial periods (which range from 100 days to a full year) to evaluate different snoring mattress options. If one work for you, great! If not, there’s no risk and you can return it for a refund.

Which is Best for You?

How do you determine which anti-snoring device is best for you? Start by consulting with your doctor. A doctor’s advice is always invaluable when considering ways to eliminate snoring from your life.

Also, consider what’s causing your snoring. In some cases, snoring is caused by simply using the wrong pillow or mattress. In other cases, a structural issue with your mouth, tongue, nose or throat may be causing the snoring. No matter what the cause of your snoring, seek out an anti-snoring device that directly addresses that cause.

The bottom line: Sleep issues can lead to all sorts of health problems, including weight gain. So do what you need to do in order to get the quality sleep you deserve.

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