How to Prepare for Back Surgery

Preparation is key when undergoing back surgery. Knowing what to expect and gathering useful information about the procedure as well as the recovery can help patients feel optimistic about the surgery, providing them with a sense of relief. To help ensure that you are properly prepared for the procedure, we’ve curated a list of things you should be familiar with before entering the operating room. Read on to learn what they are.

Improve your blood circulation

Remaining active before undergoing back surgery is crucial. Bad circulation and blood clots are issues that can affect the procedure, so make sure to do some exercises to help you prepare properly. One way to improve circulation is to maintain a healthy weight – if the person is overweight, their circulation is negatively affected. Consider practicing yoga – different yoga positions will help compress and decompress veins, helping improve blood circulation. Another way to improve your circulation is to consume oily fish – salmon, sardines, and tuna all contain omega-3 fatty acids which improve circulation and promote cardiovascular health. Also, try to keep your iron levels balanced, since it is necessary for producing hemoglobin – red meat and spinach are two foods rich in iron, but you can also opt for supplements if you want.

Seek information before undergoing surgery

Another crucial step in preparing for back surgery is to educate yourself. It is important to know what you are getting into, and gathering information from various sources will help you better understand the process of back surgery as well as post-surgical recovery. Talk with orthopedic surgeons, browse online, and look at the statistics of outcomes. Knowing what your options are and what you can expect from the surgery will help you feel more confident about the procedure. Another great way to obtain valuable information is to take a look at Dr Timothy Steel’s Neurosurgery Journal – browsing this educational resource will give you an insight into medical research, technologies, and techniques, ensuring you are well-informed before heading to the operating room.

Use cognitive behavioral techniques

The third tip for preparing for back surgery is to develop a strategy or technique for dealing with a fear of surgery. Everyone reacts to surgeries in a different way, and mental exercises are there to help change the way we think about a situation. There are several behavioral techniques that can help prepare for back surgery. Distraction and thought stopping are two cognitive methods that aim to divert the attention of the patient from what is about to happen. Developing coping thoughts is another way to deal with the upcoming surgery and it’s based on curating several soothing thoughts and ideas that help regain control over the situation by developing a positive approach to the situation. Before entering the operating room, you might find yourself thinking negative thoughts that seem too overwhelming to handle. If that happens, try to remain calm and work on identifying those negative thoughts and replacing them with contrasting, optimistic ones.

Prepare your home for a comfortable recovery

Before you undergo back surgery, you need to make sure that your home is prepared for when you get back. Arrange your home in a way that is safe and convenient for you. Lifting heavy objects and bending over are off-limits for weeks, sometimes even months after surgery, so it’s best to do it beforehand to ensure a proper environment for recovery. Think about the most commonly used items and place them next to your bed so you can easily reach them. Put your cups and plates on the counters, and keep your dishes and pans on higher shelves so there is no need to bend over. Consider stocking your freezer and pantry with prepared meals that don’t require standing over the stove – doing so will help you save time and energy, resulting in a faster recovery.

There are several things you need to know beforehand so you can go through the procedure in an easy, worry-free way. Use the tips above to prepare for your back surgery and help it go more smoothly.

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