Levels of addiction to drugs. What to do for each of them?

There are currently five basic levels of addictions to drugs that one can check and treat accordingly. According to the rehab community and various doctors, drug addiction is divided into 5 sections, these levels can easily identify what kind of treatment the patient might need.

Drugs are something that can have different effects on different people. Some might get addicted to nicotine with a single cigarette while some might need months to get addicted to nicotine.

Many people are so sensitive that one teacup can get them hooked on nicotine. Regardless of the addiction levels, there is always a way to treat such addictions to drugs. One can simply get addiction treatments by going to a rehab facility.

The first thing that rehab facilities do is that they get you a complete and thorough check-up. This check-up will decide for you what kind of treatment will be assigned.

Because while getting the results, the patients will be categorized into one of the 5 drug addiction levels, and if they get the 3rd level then the treatment according to it will be given to them.

Here are the 5 levels of addiction that you can get:

Addiction level 1:

This level is when the person has tried drugs for the first time or they have tried it for a few days and they have been caught that they were doing drugs. The parents and the people that were guarding over the child can know about this when they can check the symptoms of drug addiction.

If the child is coming home late, if they have a foul smell when you talk to them, or if they are drowsy and sleepy all the time and their work or studying is affected greatly, then it can mean they are doing drugs.

The treatment for this level is just to get the drugs away from them and give them an early intervention with the help of a medical health professional so they can understand the gravity of the situation and can know about the disadvantages of the drug that they were consuming in hopes that they won’t consume it anymore.

Addiction level 2:

This level is when the drug addiction starts to take the drugs occasionally, like every other day they will be taking drugs and often times they will be seen leaving their duties like working and studying for another task which they will try to keep a secret.

Foul smell, coming home late, restlessness, the symptoms will be the same, but their amount will be more—they will be more intense, to say the least.

The person can get outpatient treatment assigned where they will have to go to a rehab facility a few times a week for 1 or 2 hours a day. Get counseled, get therapy, and learn new techniques to stay away from drugs.

Addiction level 3:

This is when the patient starts prioritizing drugs over their responsibilities and they start to lose their sense of self and purpose. For this situation, an intensive outpatient treatment program is assigned which is a more intense variation of outpatient treatment.

Addiction level 4:

This is when the addiction has taken a big turn. The drug addict keeps relapsing, keeps doing excessive drugs, starts to abuse and treat their family members as if they are no one. This calls for an inpatient treatment program where they will be admitted inside a rehab facility for a set period of time until they heal.

Addiction level 5:

This is when the abuse and the sense of self is completely gone out of range. Where talking to them becomes impossible and they lose themselves to drugs.

To save them from overdosing, intensive inpatient treatment is offered so they can heal as soon as possible without losing their life.

Therefore, if you think you are addicted to drugs or someone you may know is, then taking them to the rehab center and getting them checked is the best way to go about it.

To make an appointment, go to this link: https://impactrecoverycenter.net/

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