The Importance of Restoring Jaw Bones

Jaw restoration is often referred to as full mouth restoration, and it is a vital dental procedure that can go a long way in helping an individual’s oral functionality and restoration of someone’s smile. When the teeth are severely worn down, this type of restoration comes in handy. When the teeth wear out, the jaw becomes misaligned causing confidence issues because of appearances, and it also causes functionality problems. The cause of the problems is usually associated with clenching and teeth grinding that occurs over time. When the teeth get worn out, the jaws tend to close excessively because the teeth are shorter.

The appearance of a sunken face

With shorter teeth, the muscles of the jaws become constantly engaged for no reason which is completely unnatural. The result is a chronic jaw pain that is accompanied by neck pain and headaches. Ideally, the restoration of an entire jaw is done to correct the problem for the patient to not only have a good appearance but to improves the dental structural and functional standpoint. This is a very important case because a jaw that is severely misaligned results in an appearance that is punctuated with a sunken face, causing a patient to look much older relative to their age. Full mouth restoration or full jaw restoration is done to correct the alignment of a jaw. A combination of several teeth building techniques are used to achieve a jaw alignment that is natural and healthy.

Precisely rebuilt teeth

Once a comfortable and correct jaw alignment position that allows jaw muscles to relax is determined, porcelain, dental implants, porcelain veneers or crowns are used to carefully rebuild teeth so that they are in the right position and they are of the right shape and size. In effect, this allows the re-positioning of the jaw in a much more healthy way. The procedure ultimately solves most of the uncomfortably painful symptoms that are associated with a misaligned jaw.

Damaged or worn or missing teeth

Jaw restoration serves to strengthen weakened teeth to help patients enjoy an attractive, vibrant and beautiful smile. The process of full jaw restoration is vital in correcting quite some deficiencies in oral health. For instance, it is an effective way of correcting a thin-lipped smile or a gummy smile. It can also be used to alleviate chronic headaches and neck and jaw pain (TMJ pain). This procedure comfortably corrects issues associated with missing, damaged or worn out teeth. The most common benefit that full jaw restoration offers is that it eliminates the appearance of a sunken face by correcting the misalignment of the jaw.

Causes of jaw bone deterioration

Although the loss of teeth is the most likely cause of deterioration of the jawbone, other conditions may cause the jawbone to be weak and brittle. The following causes may be the most common causes that may lead to jaw bone restoration:

Tooth Extractions

Most of the dental patients who need to undergo tooth extraction can cause deterioration of the jaw bone because they lack to follow up on missing teeth that need replacement. The alveolar bone responsible as an anchor for your teeth needs to be stimulated, for it to be strong, and if there is a missing tooth, the bone starts to lose its shape. Most of the jaw bone loss starts within 18 months of the time a tooth extraction was done. Replacing a tooth immediately is important.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal diseases affect the natural teeth by damaging the supportive tissues. This disease can impact any area of the teeth with lasting effects. The leading cause of periodontal disease is a plaque. Dental plaque removed by your dentist on a routine cleanup exercise is the main cause of gingivitis which causes periodontitis. It is extremely important to maintain healthy oral care important to support your jawbone and teeth.


Since dentures are attached to the gum line, and they are not attached to the alveolar bone, there is no stimulation of the jawbone for it to remain strong. Your teeth may be in good condition, but if the bone deteriorates over time, your dentures and gums will lose support and your facial structure will be damaged.

Anchors that support dentures help to stimulate the jawbone, and this helps to maintain good oral health. Bridges are acquired in select positions in the jaw. The gaps found between anchors are vulnerable to the deterioration of the bone, and a bone restoration procedure will be needed.

Sinus deficiencies

The removal of the molar in the upper jaw can cause hyperpneumatized sinus. This is because of the reabsorption of the bone that once held the teeth that have been removed in position. This condition matures over time, which may eventually lead to an insufficient jaw bone. There are cases where sinus lift is done to reduce the enlargement. If the jaw bone is compromised, jaw bone restoration is done.


Trauma refers to an athletic injury, an accident or a violent event that causes a tooth loss or damage to the jaw bone. A broken jaw is dangerous, and for you to be able to eat well or even live life well, a jaw bone restoration will be done before more complications arise.

Permanent restructuring of teeth

Additionally, a full mouth restoration can eliminate facial concerns like wrinkles on the corner of the mouth, chin, and lips if the face has a sunken appearance. The cosmetic benefits of a full mouth restoration can be life-changing. Modern technique and devices are used in the process of determining the materials needed for a full jaw alignment. Testing is then done on the full alignment using temporary restorations where some adjustments are made over time for a much more defined alignment to be achieved. Once the perfect alignment is determined, permanent restructuring of the teeth begins.


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