What Are the Best Treatment Options for Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition that may be related to elevated intraocular pressure, with common causes of glaucoma including genetic factors, age, and underlying health conditions. It damages the eye and optic nerve, which can lead to low vision and even blindness. Glaucoma damage is permanent, and doctors cannot cure it. However, timely treatment, medicine, and surgery can help to stop further impairment.

There are no initial visible symptoms of glaucoma, and only doctors can diagnose it via an eye examination. If you experience any uneasiness or worry about your eyes, you may visit website and consult doctors for immediate action.

Is Glaucoma A Common Eye Condition?

Glaucoma is unfortunately the second leading cause of irreversible blindness globally. More than 6 million individuals are blind in both eyes due to this condition. Unfortunately, half of these people with glaucoma never come to know about this eye condition due to no initial symptoms.

It is crucial to regularly see your eye doctor to identify and treat glaucoma before losing your eyesight.

Who Can Develop Glaucoma?

Anyone can develop glaucoma, irrespective of age and gender. But some people are at greater risk as they:

  • have high eye pressure
  • are over age 40
  • have family history of glaucoma
  • have had an eye injury
  • are of Hispanic, African, or Asian heritage
  • have corneas that are thin in the center
  • Farsighted or near-sighted
  • have thinning of the optic nerve
  • use long-term steroid medications
  • have migraines, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, or other health issues affecting the entire body

You should visit the website and talk to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) about your risks. If you have more than one of these risk factors, you might have a higher risk of glaucoma.

Glaucoma Treatments

Though there is no treatment for glaucoma, timely and constant treatment can save your eyesight. Generally, doctors cannot reverse vision loss or nerve damage from glaucoma, but they can control it. Glaucoma treatment aims to reduce intraocular pressure.


The first-line treatment of glaucoma is a prescription of eye drops. If you use eye drops every day, these eye drops can help lower your eye pressure. Some drops do it by reducing the quantity of aqueous fluid that the eye produces, while others reduce the eye pressure by directing the fluid flow through the drainage angle.

The Surgery

This type of glaucoma surgery is performed in the operation theatre. Through the surgery, the doctor can:

  • Create a tiny flap in the sclera, and humor will drain out of the eye through the flap. It lowers the eye pressure.
  • Can implant a tiny drainage tube in your eye.

Laser Surgery

Laser treatment or trabeculoplasty is a standard procedure that your eye specialist can perform. The doctor uses a laser to drain the fluid and lower your eye pressure. Since every glaucoma case is different, ask your doctor if you can undergo laser surgery.

To sum up, treating glaucoma effectively is teamwork between you and your doctor. You must visit the website and book an appointment with a Glaucoma specialist for an eye check-up.

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