5 Technological Innovations for Those With Dementia

Dementia can be terrifying and devastating to both caregivers as well as the loved ones affected by this disease. People with this disease can now feel some relief due to technological advancement which is meant to improve the quality of their lives. This technology can enhance autonomy as well as independence, manage possible risks in homes and get rid of stress.

In this article, we are going to look at the 5 technological innovations for those with Dementia

1. Communication Aids

Interacting with others is necessary for the quality of life in memory care. Individuals with dementia can remember how an event has made them feel, even if they are unable to recall the faces and names. Technology has simplified the interaction process with loved ones. Adapted telephones are now programmed with contacts that are frequently dialed and usually have bigger buttons which simplify their usage. It’s now possible to stay connected with loved ones who are distant apart via the video chat services.

“Changes in the brain caused by dementia begin years before diagnosis. And throughout this timeframe, there are no clear signs that that person has dementia.” comments Jane Byrne, Project Coordinator at FirstCare.

2. Electrical appliance use monitoring

This innovation is meant for caregivers who do not stay together with their loved ones. It controls the use of electrical apparatuses through plugging into a power strip or wall outlet as it will notify caregivers when their appliances have been switched on or off. These technologies do not make the diagnosis of dementia easy. This disease is yet overwhelming. The dementia is now more manageable; this is due to the innovation in new technologies.

3. Reminder messages

Reminders play an important role as the caregiver does as they help to keep the loved ones safe and also retain their relationships. The recording of these messages is done on a device in the residential area and then played out loud at the most suitable time. Caregivers can record a message that when played reminds an individual to take medication at the appropriate time. Some gadgets are designed to play messages based on individuals activity. Some devices are meant to remind individuals with dementia to lock the front door when leaving home. There are other reminder messages designed to help people with dementia on when to close the door when to go to bed and provide reassurance at times when the caregiver is not present.

4. Home care robots

Technological advancement has led to the invention of homecare robots which will help reduce the caregiver duty. They are not designed to replace human caregivers, but instead, they are meant to do overall housework and remind individuals who are suffering from dementia on when to take medication or notify medical experts when assistance is required. With further inventions, home care robots may replace caregivers and handle their responsibility fully.

5. In-home cameras

In-home cameras are another technological innovation that is meant to enhance the safety of your loved ones from a distance. By either positioning, the camera focusing on medication or in the entrance room can increase your confidence as you are sure your loved one is taking the necessary medication and also active. These cameras can monitor movements and also enable one to communicate with his or her loved one. It will also notify you if no movements have been detected for a particular period.

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