6 Tell-tale Signs that Your Dog Might Have Depression

In recent years, mental health has become a factor of concern amongst the human race. Just like many people experience stress and anxiety, pets can also feel the stress of their surroundings. If you’ve felt stress before or have noticed stress in friends or family, you’ll know that it can be a debilitating feeling.

In the same way dogs can feel sad, unhappy, and uncomfortable. They can’t communicate their feelings, but there are certain things that trigger a panic mode within them. Learn more about depression in dogs here.

When you commit to being a dog owner you have to be wary of any signs that your dog might experience stress. To help you identify and treat stress in your beloved pet, here is a list of 6 tell-tale signs:

  1. Barking and Howling

Dogs are prone to bark at other dogs, the mailman, and even in the sight of danger. But whenever your furry friend barks and howls excessively when you are not there, that is when you should start worrying.

Perhaps your pooch is experiencing separation anxiety in your absence. Especially when they howl consistently when you are gone, you have to do something to help them when you aren’t around.

Taking them to doggy daycare, or even giving them a friend.

  1. Pacing and Panting

You know that feeling deep in your stomach when something really bothers you and you feel like running away? That’s exactly how some dogs feel like when something bothers them. They will pace around the living room while panting, even if it isn’t hot.

Perhaps they need some exercise to let go of their energy or they need some more room for activities.

  1. Destructive Behavior

It’s cute when puppies grab our slippers and run away with them, but it’s not that cute when older dogs start destroying everything in the house. Destructive behavior like chewing furniture, destroying clothes, and sudden bursts of anger can be a clear sign of stress.

To keep your dog relaxed, you can try natural remedies. You can discover more about natural remedies for dogs, by looking for recommendations online and consulting your vet.

  1. Excessive Chewing and Licking Themselves

Even dogs are prone to self-harm. When they start biting or licking themselves profusely then their mental state isn’t in a happy place. This can also include pulling out their hair with teeth or even biting other pets in the house.

  1. Accidents in the House

When your pooch is house trained, but they have accidents in the house, this is a sign of stress. Some dogs may start urinating on the spot when there are loud noises or when family members have shouting matches.

There are definite situations that irritate their bowel movements and bladder control. If you eliminate scary situations from the house, they’ll feel safe. Remember that a healthy diet is extremely important to keep your dog in optimum mental and physical health.

  1. Shivering

A clear sign that your dog is in distress is when they start shivering and run away to hide in a corner. Many puppies feel frightened in certain situations and they might hide underneath furniture while crying and shivering.

This might be caused by other territorial pets in the house, loud noises, or even scary smells. Make sure that your pooch feels safe and protected in the house. Give them their own sleeping space for extra comfort.

There are a variety of things that cause dog stress. Here is a shortlist of things that can cause stress:

  • Change in environment
  • Loud noises
  • Introduction of a new pet in the home
  • Separation from owner
  • Being left alone for too long periods
  • Busy areas with many people and other bigger or aggressive dogs
  • Loss of a family member or another dog

It’s best to try and eliminate most of these elements to ensure your pet has a happy and comfortable life at home.

Luckily there are many different ways how you can help your dog when they do show these tell-tale symptoms. Give them loads of attention, go for exercise, and make sure their environment is safe.

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