How Cannabis Can Make You Happier and It’s Benefits

The newest study carried out in Colorado and California – two US states where recreational and therapeutic cannabis is legal – shows that cannabis consumers enjoy a better and happier life than non-smokers. They earn more money, spend more time outside the door, do voluntary work more often and are more satisfied with their lives in general.

Cannabis – A Key to Luck

These findings, therefore, can lead to a fascinating conclusion, that ‘smoking cannabis is the key to happiness’.

Scientists who analyze the correlation between happiness and smoking marijuana speak about ‘well-adjusted lifestyles seen among cannabis consumers’. Not only in the now researched states of Colorado and California, but also in other countries and states where data is currently being collected, such as Washington and Oregon. You can even smoke and buy weed in Canada because legalization of recreational usage was applied in this country recently.

The image of the happy cannabis consumer is firmly anchored in society, according to the latest report for which thousands of adults in Colorado and California have been surveyed.

Smoking Weed is Still not so Popular

Compared with people who don’t use cannabis, weed consumers score higher on average on indicators that relate to personal and social satisfaction. But what is especially interesting is the fact, that the majority of respondents say they use marijuana for physical, mental, and/or emotional well-being. It is not a group of people who come together and become high. Many people who use cannabis want to ensure that they are getting good quality products, buying from trusted and reputable sellers such as ccd canada, for example.

Healthy Lifestyle Consumers

What is more, women are quite more into cannabis than it is expected.  What does it mean? In general, women monitor health in households. This research suggests that women embrace weed for self-care. Instead of going to Ibuprofen for menstrual cramps, they turn to cannabis.

Researchers, therefore, think that this group of cannabis consumers is interesting for many marketers who focus on healthy lifestyle customers. You should think of products and services in the areas of food, drinks, sports, recreation, and volunteer work.

Weed as Part of a Conscious Lifestyle

The latest report also shows how consumption has changed through legalization. Drinks, edibles, and vaporizers turn out to become more and more popular, especially among women. All these new consumption methods have drastically changed the landscape. Cannabis consumers want a healthy lifestyle. For some people, smoking marijuana is a barrier.  The cannabis consumer today prefers organic products, sustainable packaging and – in general – a more conscious lifestyle.

How can You Consume Weed Safely and Effectively?

Cannabis can be consumed in various ways, ranging from smoking to eating (edibles) or vaporizing (evaporating). Presently cannabis is legal in more and more places so the consumers also increasingly raise questions about possible health risks of cannabis use.

Vaping Marijuana is Better than Smoking

If your primary goal when consuming weed is to get high/stoned, then you can go blind for the vaporizer anyway.  The fact is that you can get even more stoned with a vaporizer than with an old school joint – even in small quantities. Few studies have been published about this. But, there are some data and anecdotal evidence that reveal a bit more about the possible health benefits while vaporizing weed.

Feel More Beautiful and Younger

Using cannabis in the right way can bring numerous benefits. You can’t only feel younger but also look better and more beautiful. Cannabis has been one of the most important medicines for centuries. It is very beneficial for a lot of disorders and makes stress and pain disappear. Newest studies have shown that cannabinoids slow the progression of dementia and that cannabis is a promising drug in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

What is more, cannabis accelerates the repair of broken bones, and that bone decalcification (osteoporosis) is prevented. Weed is also a well-known aphrodisiac that can cause a great deal, especially in women. Also, domestic violence is almost uncommon among smoking couples.

Marijuana Stimulates Your Brain

Cannabis makes people more creative and enables them to do extraordinary things. Scientists have discovered that it increases the activity in the frontal lobe in our brains. What is more, marijuana can literally make you look more beautiful and self-confident. A lovely skin will appeal to everyone! Antioxidants present in cannabis may block harmful particles that age the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of THC also alleviate the effects of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. However, smoking cannabis is not a good idea for the skin, which would actually accelerate the aging of the skin. Take cannabis oil or eat space cake if you want to have shiny and smooth skin.

Less Stress, More Laughter, and Better Weight

There is no better remedy for stress than a daily serving of THC, that is what every cannabis lover knows. Scientists believe that this is because the functioning of the body’s own cannabinoids recovers. Also, cannabis stimulates those parts of the brain that are associated with laughter. And a good laugh session reduces the number of stress hormones in the body, while it increases the immune cells so that you become less susceptible to illness.

Are you dreaming about weight-loss? Then you should definitely try weed! Despite the food you can get after smoking, studies have shown that cannabis is good for the line. Cannabis users have a healthy body weight more often than others and THC may also prevent weight and mass increases.

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