Guide on How to Consume Kratom Powder

Kratom is a tree that grows in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia, and it is from the same family as coffee. Individuals from the countries it is native to have been using it as a stimulant, sedative, pain killer and even as medicine for diarrhea. If you’re looking for kratom powder for sale, you should first learn how to take it correctly, to ensure that you’re getting all of its benefits.

How Is It Taken?

In its native regions, kratom leaves are usually chewed when they are fresh. Of course, dry leaves can also be chewed, but they are a little hard, which is why most people prefer to crush them into a powder that can be ingested much easier. In addition, when it is in powder form, one can also mix it with water and drink it. For those who are not big fans of its taste, there is also the option of mixing it with fruit juice or milk. In fact, chocolate milk is an especially good option for masking the flavor.

Another way in which it can be consumed is by mixing it with water to form a paste. You also have the option of mixing it with yogurt, kefir or applesauce. Those who want to avoid its taste completely can also opt for capsules of it. Finally, you can also make it into a tea.

Doses and Effects

When first taking kratom, it is crucial to begin with a very small dose, until you figure out how your body reacts to it. Ideally, you should begin with one gram, and then, if after 45 minutes you don’t notice an improvement, take an extra 0.5 grams.

For most people taking premium quality kratom, anywhere between 2-4 grams offers a subtle effect, 3-5 grams a mild one, 4-10 grams a moderate one, 8-15 grams a strong one, and 12-25 grams a very strong one. At the mild level, the effects are mostly stimulant ones, while at the moderate level, the effect is mostly a sedative one. The strong and very strong effect are usually too much for most people out there, and should be avoided.

Of course, the specific dose recommendations tend to change depending on the type of kratom being used. As such, for ultra-potent kratom, 1-3 grams will yield a subtle effect, 2-4 grams a mild one, 3-7 grams a moderate one, 6-10 grams a strong one, and 8-16 grams a very strong one.

Finally, with kratom extract, just one gram is enough for a subtle effect, 1-2 for a mild one, 2-4 for a moderate one, and 3-6 or 5-8 for a strong or very strong effect, respectively.

Kratom Milkshake

This is perhaps the best way to have kratom. For this, use one cup of chocolate milk for each kratom dose. If you don’t consume regular milk, you can easily replace it with almond, or another plant-based milk. When making your kratom chocolate milk, be sure to place your powdered kratom into the glass, then add 1-2 tablespoons of the chocolate milk. Stir until the powder is combined with the liquid, making sure to add a few more tablespoons to ensure that there are no lumps. After this is done, add the rest of the chocolate milk and stir. Now you’re ready to drink it!

Kratom Tea

This recipe will make enough tea for a few doses (about 8 ones that are strong). Take about 2 ounces of kratom powder and place it in a pot. Add two liters of water. Let this whole thing boil until it is reduced to about 1 cup, or 250 ml. The idea here is to have as little to ingest as possible for each dose.

Kratom and Juice

If you like to avoid the taste, another great way is to mix it with juice. It can basically be mixed with anything, but it appears that cranberry juice, orange, and pineapple juice are the most effective. About 150 to 200 ml should be enough for one dose.

Duration of Effects

Kratom’s effect usually lasts about 5-6 hours. If you take it on an empty stomach, you can expect it to kick in about 30 to 40 minutes after ingesting it. If you take it after eating, it will take about 60 to 90 minutes for it to kick in.

There are many ways in which you can take kratom powder. Indeed, you can get as creative with it as you like. However, if you find that you don’t like the taste at all, consider taking it in capsule format.

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