Coping With Menstruation during the Summer

Menstruation is difficult to handle in any month of the year, let alone in the summer when the temperatures are high and it can be not just hot but also humid outside. The thermal discomfort will just add to your bloating sensation, cramps, headaches, and everything else that comes in the package with your menstruation.

Not to mention that you need to carry with you way too many hygiene items that barely fit in your small, summer handbag. Plus wearing shorts and skirts will make you feel uncomfortable, especially during the first days, constantly feeling afraid that something bad will happen and you’ll end up with nasty spots on your clothes.

So, yes, the list of inconveniences is long, but it’s part of being a woman. This is why we will see how you can best cope with your menstruation during the warm and sunny summer days.

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes

The most important thing when you are menstruating is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. So, avoid tight clothes at all costs, as they will only add to your stress. Instead, opt for something that makes you feel good and confident. And this doesn’t mean that you should go for sweatpants. A comfy, liquid dress that makes you feel like a strong and independent woman will do. After all, you need to pick an outfit that is adequate to the weather outside as well, so making yourself hot and sticky won’t help.

  • Give your body plenty of water

Hydration in the summer is a must, but if you are menstruation it is even more important. Being out in the hot weather will get you dehydrated anyway, but when you’re already losing a good amount of fluids in a short period, then you must focus on drinking sufficient water. When you are hydrated, not only will you feel better, but will also help your blood to stay fluid, which will help you feel fewer cramps. You can even choose to have drinks containing electrolytes, which keep your body’s fluids in balance even better, especially when the weather makes you sweat.

  • Enjoy light exercises

Yoga, a peaceful walk in the park, or anything else that is enjoyable for you is welcome during menstruation. The whole idea is to make your blood flow effectively, keeping down bloating and cramps as much as possible. Not to mention that exercising, especially yoga, will allow you to maintain a calm state of mind, fighting off the bad moods you may have due to hormonal changes. There are even exercises that will help you diminish the pain you may be experiencing during menstruation, which is another reason to start moving.

  • Spend quality time with friends and people you love

Doing something fun will definitely help fight the discomfort menstruation is giving you. So, why don’t you grab your friends and hang out together? The last thing you need is to be buried under a blanket in a corner of the bed, feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there and do something enjoyable, as it will help you get your mind off things and actually do something great with your time.

  • You are allowed to treat yourself well

You can forget all about calories during menstruation and enjoy a delicious cone of ice-cream. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will visit each fast-food stall you come across, but having a cool dessert when the sun is up high on the sky is definitely something soothing. So, do enjoy these small joys of life as they can have a tremendous effect on your mood and help you get through the period easier.

  • Stay away from salty foods

It would be ideal not to introduce too much salt in your diet these days, as salt promotes water retention in the body, which will only add to your bloating. So, this means no chips, French fries, or anything with too much salt during menstruation.

Still, it is worth knowing that there are some healthy foods that can make you bloated as well, like beans, whole grains, or broccoli. If you want to avoid feeling inflated, it is good to stay away from these foods as well, for a while at least.

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