How Does An Electric Toothbrush Work?

Your by-annual visit to the dentists surely awards you with a free manual toothbrush. But did you think about the benefits of an electric toothbrush over your day-to-day regular one? If not, then it’s time to give up your old tree twig toothbrush and switch on to the latest electric one.

But why? It’s because removes twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush. The head of the toothbrush is able to move back and forth around 7000 times in a minute. But have you ever wondered how it works? Let’s learn it.

Components Of An Electric Toothbrush

If you have an old electric toothbrush that didn’t work anymore, it’s easy to understand how the whole system works. Just open it and have a quick look before you throw it to the recycle bin. Here’s what is inside-

A can and gear unit directly underlie the removable brush. This is the cleverest part of the electric toothbrush. Its main function is to convert the spinning motion into countering brushing speed. This conversion is important as it helps to clean your teeth more efficiently.

The motor rotates at a high speed and always in the same direction. The cam and crank unit converts the rotation into reciprocating low-speed vibration. So the crank pulls one way first as soon as the cam turns. Then the crank pulls the other way. Moving the head of the brush quickly from side to side.

There is a gear at the top of the motor. The cam and gear unit is linked with it. Thus the motor directly drives the cam and gear unit.

There’s a rechargeable battery directly lying below the motor. There’s a simple circuit board inside the plastic case. This again controls the on-off switch set on the outer case.

The outer case is of tougher plastic. Besides, the switch is set in a quite flexible and very thin plastic. This outer case holds the toothpaste and water. At the same time, it keeps them away from the motor, circuit, and battery. It’s a very important role played by the outer case because if you get those parts wet, they will rust. There must not be any way through which water can enter and damage the parts. So, for making it waterproof, the charging unit blocks the chances of water intrusion. Capacitors and resistors control the electric charge.

How Does An Electric Toothbrush Work?

A wisely bought good cheap electric toothbrush can be the key to your better dental health. But how it works is nothing but a bit of engineering and effective clever technology.

An electric toothbrush works by vibrating and oscillating. The motor begins to rotate with high speed as soon as you switch on. The gear star converting the rotation into a back and forth motion. The brush also moves in a manner that it’s mimicking the brushing of teeth with a manual toothbrush.

The motion is typically caused by an electric charge produced by a small battery. But some electric toothbrushes can recharge themselves by means of inductive charging. For this purpose, two parts of a transformer inside the brush create a magnetic field. This again results in creating electric power to charge the battery.

Usually, an electric toothbrush uses a timing device as well as a pressure sensor. Usually, two minutes is set in the recommendation of the American dental association. It’s considered enough for brushing.

Types Of Electric Toothbrushes

Based on the charging system, electric toothbrushes can be of two types. One that is auto rechargeable (inductive charging). Another one uses a replicable charger.

There’s another way to classify electric toothbrushes. It’s on the basis of action. The first type uses only the vibration. It brushes many teeth at a time like the manual way of brushing.

The second type uses rotation as well as oscillation. This type brushes teeth like a dentist brushes his patient’s teeth. It cleans teeth more precisely, once at a time. Though it’s slow, effective.

Final Word

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than the manual toothbrushes. But if you love your teeth and want them to have the best care, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend money. Though initially, it’ll cost more than the manual one, it will certainly save your money in many other ways. You don’t have to see your dentists very often. Again, Electric toothbrushes are beneficial especially if you have braces or wrist pain.

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