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Melissa McCarthy is one of the most well-known actresses around today, whether it’s for playing the titular Identity Thief Sandy Patterson, Lorelei’s best friend on Gilmore Girls, or fiery detective Shannon Mullins in The Heat. She has exercised her skills in a variety of genres, most notably comedy, in both film and television. She works incredibly hard—she first started by doing stand-up comedy in the late 1980s—is a kind and motivated person, and even has her own clothing line.

All of Melissa’s skills come to light when one considers her amazing weight-loss journey. At only 5’2, she once weighed as much as two hundred pounds—a weight at which, she says, she felt lethargic and unmotivated. So, how did she deal with it?

lessons to learn from

In order to deal with her feelings, Melissa decided to embark upon a healthy journey to lose weight, in which she decided to take her time and pace herself, rather than rushing on ahead so that it took more than two years in all. Although this made the journey take longer, it was ultimately rewarding, and to this day she has managed to keep off the extra weight, which was around 75 pounds in all.

But Melissa weight loss journey was about more than simply pacing herself. On the contrary, she employed a strategy in which she incorporated healthy habits into her life: regularly getting enough sleep; deriving her fiber from organic sources like vegetables, fruits and whole grains; consuming lean forms of protein; and doing exercises like martial arts and resistance training, which employs dumbbells as well as bodyweight exercises. She also made sure to drink plenty of water—she flavored it with lemon—and used green tea to improve her metabolism.

The Importance of Nutrition

From those foods she ate to improve her health, some of the most important ones are green vegetables (parsley, spinach, and kale), chicken and turkey, quinoa salad, avocado, and beef. She also ate vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, and tomatoes (tomatoes, for the record, have an incredible lot of health benefits, and some scientists even say they contribute to preventing cancerous cells from developing), and ate grains like chia seeds.

From her journey, we can easily get a lesson about losing weight via nutrition. Losing weight is more about calories than it is anything else: while exercising is amazing, in terms of weight loss, it’s not as effective as simply eating less. Because of this, you’ll want to eat healthy, natural foods that are high in proteins and nutrients, preferably low in calories, and very filling.

Examples of healthy foods that you can eat to lose weight include tuna, cruciferous (leafy green) vegetables, whole eggs, salmon, lean beef, lean chicken breast, beans and legumes like lentils, avocados, apple cider vinegar, and nuts like almonds and Brazil nuts. These foods are both filling and packed with nutrients.

The Role of Exercise

Melissa chose to use martial arts and resistance training to lose weight. These forms of exercise are effective for this purpose because they engage your whole body: arms, legs, and torso. They allow you to put pressure and resistance against your muscles, so that—while you might be struggling against the pressure—you’ll be getting stronger (and lighter) at the same time, too.

They also allow you to move around a lot, which is excellent cardio and will get your heart pumping. These exercises can even help make you more flexible because you’ll be moving your body around in different ways as you do the moves and improve your technique. Plus, they’re quite cost-effective: bodyweight courses require nothing except your own body!

Garcinia cambogia, a Natural Supplement

Garcinia cambogia

Another aspect is that she chose to take garcinia cambogia, a natural supplement when she ate her meals. This supplement is derived from the Malabar tamarind, a fruit that grows in various parts of southeast Asia but which can trace its origins to Indonesia. She would have some of the supplement three times a day, combined with apple cider vinegar, when she ate breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By including the supplement, she was able to burn off calories because it helps keep her metabolic rate at consistently high levels so that she was able to burn off more calories more quickly. Garcinia cambogia helps them control their moods and appetites by increasing their serotonin.

In turn, this will prevent them from eating too much because they’re stressed out or anxious and will help them regulate their cravings for food. The supplement will also suppress appetite and control the movement of sugar throughout the blood. In the case of appetite suppression, it works because of the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that it contains.

As well, it prevents people from absorbing as much fat as they would under normal circumstances and helps you burn down the fat you’ve already stored up. More specifically, the tropical fruit works for weight loss because it blocks the effects of citrate lyase, an enzyme that is responsible for producing fat.

If you’re looking for an easy way of losing weight, then Garcinia Cambogia might be a good option for you. Taking it doesn’t require much effort—you simply start taking the supplement, and, holding everything else constant, you should be able to lose weight more quickly. The supplement itself comes in the form of a pill, made out of ingredients that are 100% natural and derived from the Malabar tamarind.

You can easily find it in health food stores, so we don’t be afraid to search for it the next time you go to GNC, Safeway, or Whole Foods; it’s even vegan- and vegetarian-friendly since the capsules don’t contain gelatin. A lot of the time other healthy vitamins will have been added to it, including calcium and potassium.

What can we learn from Melissa’s journey?

To make the most of Melissa’s tips and tricks, we’ll consider how we can learn from them so that we can succeed in our own weight loss journeys. First, we can learn how important it is to use multiple methods of losing weight at the same time. Full of lean foods and healthy vegetables, but she also began exercising with resistance training and bodyweight exercises.

Melissa McCarthy diet

She even began taking garcinia cambogia, a supplement known for regulating blood sugars and suppressing appetite. Her journey shows us that, if you plan on losing weight, you can’t simply rely only on exercise or eating a healthier diet. You must engage all the facets of weight loss—eating healthy, exercising, controlling appetite—together, rather than separately.

Second, Another thing we can learn from her, you should never give up. Melissa worked hard for two years, and the results paid off: she lost a whopping 75 pounds.

If she had given up halfway through, or a quarter of the way through, or even after a month, where would she be? Well, she would certainly have a lower quality of life, since (as she said), eating badly zapped away all her energy. If you’d like to lose weight—and gain back all your energy—then you simply can’t give up when the going gets tough.

Third, you’re going to need to pace yourself. If you expect a lot of results right away, and consider giving up when you find to have them, then you might not get very far. But if you pace yourself—you go slowly enough so that you can develop solid, engaging, dependable results, within a consistent time frame—then you’ll find that you’re improving steadily over time, and losing more and more weight as you go. In other words, going slowly will not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you develop confidence throughout your weight-loss journey.

Finally, the best tip we can learn from Melissa McCarthy weight loss journey is to make weight loss enjoyable for yourself. If you make yourself have fun—by preparing foods that you’ll like to eat, for example, and by choosing exercises that will excite you and make you happy—you’ll find that losing weight is that much easier.

After all, if you’re not having fun, then losing weight becomes a chore—almost like a second, part-time job you have to go to all the to me—and you won’t want to continue. But if you make yourself have fun? You’ll lose weight more effectively, sure—but you’ll also be a lot happier as well.

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