Different Types of Massage Therapy to Take Your Health Up A Notch

Massage therapies are often concluded as a way to relax your body, but it does a lot more to your body than just relaxing your body. Many people opt for massage therapies without knowing which type of therapy can benefit their body. People mostly regard massage therapies as regular massages, but there are a lot of hidden perks behind every stretch, pressure, rub, and stroke. There are different kinds of massage therapies, and every treatment is intended to do a specific job.

It is going to have a bright idea about various therapies before heading out to a massage parlor in your locality. There is a massive list of massage therapies, but you will not find all of them in one massage parlor. Only the most useful and popular ones are found in massage centers, and those are enough for you to revive your health quotient.

How Can You Utilize Varied Types of Massage Therapies for Yourself?

When you go through the list of massage therapy in a massage center, it becomes confusing because every therapy has different health perks. So, the following list contains the detail of some useful treatments which are beneficial for health and they are readily available in almost every center:

Hot Stone massage

In this type of massage therapy, the warm stones are placed on different sections of the body which will massage your body with other heated rocks. This is highly useful as it loosens the tight muscles and allows the body to heal.

Swedish massage

Swedish therapy is a common and useful massage that is based on five strokes. These strokes are tapotement, petrissage, vibration, friction, and effleurage. Mostly oil or lotion is used for massage in this therapy, and it allows for recovery from any muscular injury entirely.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic therapy is a relaxing type of massage whose primary job is to curb any injury or swollen part of the body. The therapist with the assistance of light strokes arouses the lympha system, making the lymphatic fluid flow through various parts of the body.

Deep Tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is a highly useful massage therapy, and it uses slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscles. It is highly helpful for curing muscle injuries, chronic pain, or any other problem in the deep layers of connective tissue or muscle.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a remedial therapy that is intended to rejuvenate the energy of the body. It is a mixture of stretching, pressing handwork, and yoga, and they are utilized in a recurring way. It is quite useful in lowering the stress and taking the range of motion up a notch.


Reflexology is slightly different from other therapies because it is based on foot. In this treatment, the therapist puts pressure on the feet to connect pressure points to different internal systems. It is a healthy therapy and rejuvenates various organs because feet are well attached to every organ.

Sports massage

Sports massage therapy is a highly curated massage whose primary job is to improve the range of motion and flexibility. They are also intended to treat any kind of muscle injury and prevent the body from future injuries. The therapist targets specific muscles which increase the blood flow in that particular part of the body.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a rhythmic therapy where the therapist uses his fingers to apply pressure on different parts of the body. It is intended to notch up the flow of energy by targeting acupressure points. It is different from other therapies because here you will not need any oil or lotion.

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