Dumbbell Fly Variations: Incline Dumbbell Fly

In fitness, hand breeding is the most versatile exercise. It can be adjusted to any conditions, developing a specific part of the pectoral muscles. This is mainly achieved by varying the inclination of the back, as well as pronation or supination of the hand. Although the weight of the dumbbells plays an important role, the primary aspects that should be taken into account are the amplitude and the correct position of the body. It should be noted that there are two main options for doing the exercise, on a horizontal bench and at an angle of 30 degrees. The second option allows you to shift the load on the upper chest. Angling is even more undesirable, as this will lead to an increased involvement of the front deltas in the work. Therefore, although some athletes exhibit a tilt angle of 45 degrees, this is not recommended for most athletes.

Often, athletes are advised to change the angle of the backrest and alternate weekly, doing the exercise either horizontally or tilted up. This is the best option, which will make it possible to benefit from both styles of execution.

As in the case of any swings with dumbbells, the turn of the hand plays an important role. In this exercise, you can spread your arms in three ways:

  • Neutral grip (the position of the hands does not change throughout the approach);
  • With supination of the hand – at the starting point, the dumbbells are taken with a neutral grip, when bringing arms to the starting position, the hand unfolds so that the handle of the dumbbell is perpendicular to the floor;
  • With pronation of the hand – at the top point the dumbbells are taken with a direct grip (the handle looks towards the legs), and as you bring arms to the starting position, the grip changes to neutral.

Beginners are recommended to perform the movement with a neutral grip when the palms are facing each other or inward. Such a technique will be given the easiest and will be of great benefit. Nevertheless, it is often uncomfortable for athletes in the initial stages to do the exercise in this way, so you can use supination or pronation. In general, choose the option that allows you to best feel the load in the pectoral muscles.

Pec Fly Proper Form and Technique

Regardless of whether you are doing the exercise while lying on an inclined bench or on a level bench, the technique will be the same. The only exception is the position of the hands, which are more difficult to build on an inclined bench and unwanted side effects of Anavar are described here. This is due to the fact that with the horizontal position of the body, it is enough just to extend your arms with dumbbells up to get the perfect starting position. In this case, the hands move only in a vertical plane. When executed at an angle, setting the correct position becomes more difficult and dumbbells, since you need to take into account the horizontal plane. The best option is to keep the dumbbells at mid-chest level. It is not advisable to lower the weight to the lower chest or raise your arms so that the dumbbells are at the level of the chin. This can distort the technique and include other muscles in the work. Otherwise, the technique is quite simple:

  • Lie down on a bench and pull the dumbbells up. In the elbow, it is necessary to maintain a deflection in order to remove the harmful load on the joint and maintain concentration in the muscles of the chest. At the upper point, a light touch of the dumbbells is allowed, but without beating;
  • Slowly spread your arms to the sides. Try to take each arm as wide as possible, feeling maximum stretching (hands should always be at the same level and move synchronously);
  • Pause and return the weight to its original position.

Breathing takes place during breeding (it is important that the body is filled with air for additional fixation), and exhale during weight lifting.


Lying exercises is fundamentally different from other exercises where you need to spread your arms, for example, in a standing position, or seated. The movement stretches the pectoral muscles as much as possible and allows you to very accurately load the desired muscle group. Always choose the optimal weight with which you can fully do at least 10 repetitions in the set.

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