Guide to Staunch Nation’s Koala Freak Pre-workout Supplement

Have you ever tried a pre-workout supplement? These formulas have undoubtedly made a boom in the fitness industry due to their convenience, well-chosen ingredients, and quick results.

As long as you remember to take the daily serving before heading to the gym, you’ll be amazed by your body transformation in solely a couple of months. Considering the increasing popularity of these products, there’s an extensive range of such supplements in the online market.

Nevertheless, Koala Freak stands out from the crowd owing to its miraculous ingredients, wonderful taste, and appealing design.

The following guide will introduce you to its main ingredients, method of use, and potential side effects.

Main ingredients

Citrulline Malate is considered to be an indispensable ingredient of pre-workout supplements, because of its role in the increase of nitric oxide levels. The higher the levels the greater the amount of oxygen that enters the bloodstream to reach the muscle tissue. Once the muscles get supplied with enough oxygen, gym-goers experience more energy to improve their endurance.

Additionally, Citrulline Malate minimizes muscular damage that results from strenuous workouts and reduces the fatigue of users. Read more about the health benefits and dosage of this amino acid.

Another effective ingredient of the Koala Freak pre-workout supplement is Arginine AKG. This substance is known for providing the same benefits as Citrulline Malate in terms of increasing nitric oxide levels. Therefore, some users believe that there’s no need for Arginine AKG to be included in Koala Freak along with Citrulline Malate. The dosage of the latter is more than enough to deliver the desired effects.

Moreover, Caffeine Anhydrous provides a multitude of benefits for Koala Freak users, who are familiar with its effects through consuming coffee. This miraculous ingredient offers an amazing energy boost that gym enthusiasts require to endure arduous training. Additionally, its thermogenic properties are of great importance for boosting one’s metabolism, which is vital for inducing the process of burning fat. Hence, this pre-workout supplement is also beneficial for gym-goers whose goal is not only building muscle but losing weight as well.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that consuming large doses of caffeine may result in experiencing adverse effects like anxiety, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. As Koala Freak contains 360 milligrams of this ingredient per serving, it’s paramount for users to limit their regular caffeine intake. Since one serving equals three cups of coffee, make sure you refrain from drinking a few more during the day unless you’re used to drinking tons of coffee.

L-Theanine is yet another popular ingredient of the Koala Freak formula, known for its versatile role in improving the health of users. Make sure you check out the following Koala Freak pre-workout review for learning more useful facts about this supplement.  This amino acid isn’t naturally produced in the organism, which is why gym-goers are strongly advised to consume it through a pre-workout formula.

Furthermore, it affects the levels of serotonin and dopamine, thus providing relaxation, reducing stress, sharpening focus, and improving sleep in users. When used in combination with caffeine, the dosage of L-Theanine is supposed to be larger in order to deliver the necessary effects.

Beta-Alanine is a well-known amino acid when it comes to its effect on boosting athletic performance and reducing exhaustion in users. It allows gym enthusiasts to exercise for longer periods, which is essential for improving their overall endurance. However, this ingredient is likely to cause temporary itchiness after taking the pre-workout supplement, otherwise known as paresthesia. Fortunately, the tingling sensation stops after a maximum of half an hour, causing no other health damage.

Similar to caffeine, the role of Higenamine is to increase the energy levels in gym enthusiasts shortly after taking the Koala Freak supplement. Also, this ingredient promotes fat loss, thus being beneficial for users who wish to drop a couple of pounds. Anyhow, since Caffeine Anhydrous provides an identical stimulating effect, there’s no need for another stimulant to enhance the effects. As previously mentioned, users with low tolerance to caffeine are prone to experiencing jittery side effects.

Betaine Anhydrous and Choline Bitartrate aren’t famous for any particular effects, except for their ability to cause a fishy breath and sweat in users. Trimethylaminuria, widely known as the fish odor syndrome, is manifested with ill-smelling body odor that resembles the smell of rotten fish. The following link, explains the main causes and treatment of this syndrome.

Method of use

Koala Freak can be purchased in three different flavors, all of which are considered to be tasty by users. You are advised to consume approximately 17 grams of this pre-workout supplement mixed with 235-355 milliliters of water, at least 15 minutes before hitting the gym. It’s the only way for the formula to deliver the desired effects in the course of your workout.

Moreover, while taking the Koala Freak pre-workout supplement, make sure you stay hydrated at all times. Due to its ability to considerably improve blood flow, there’s a chance to experience slight dizziness unless you drink plenty of water. Additionally, you aren’t recommended to take this supplement after 7 pm, as it might result in sleep deprivation. Owing to the large dose of caffeine, Koala Freak isn’t the right companion for a good night’s sleep.

Potential side effects

Although Koala Freak is considered to be a mild pre-workout supplement that causes literary no side effects, some of its ingredients might trigger certain discomfort in gym-goers. For instance, Huperzine A is believed to trigger nausea, diarrhea, and high blood pressure in users. In case you already suffer from hypertension, this supplement isn’t the right choice for you.

Additionally, Beta-Alanine is likely to cause short-term itchiness and numbness, while Choline Bitartrate and Betaine Anhydrous make individuals experience fishy body odor. Ultimately, Caffeine might cause nervousness, energy crashes, and nausea in consumers, particularly in people who aren’t fond of coffee.

Bottom line

Koala Freak might be the right supplement for you as long as you take the right dosage and precautions!

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