General Dentist Versus Endodontist: How Do They Differ?

Dentistry is a rewarding profession in Huntington Beach, CA. Statistics reveal that an average dentist’s annual salary, including endodontists, earns $188,465 as of January 29, 2021. However, the usual range is between $164,232 and $217,629. Moreover, the salary ranges vary significantly based on numerous critical factors that include education, certifications, extra skills, and professional experience.

But how does an endodontist differ from other general dentists? This post delves deep and shows you how an endodontist differs from a general dentist. This comparative exposition will give you a clear understanding of how these tooth specialists differ and operate. Eventually, you will be better placed to make the right decision—to know whom to choose for the right dental needs. So, remain on board to learn more.

Specialized Expertise

First, an endodontist Huntington Beach has limited and specialized expertise that focuses on a specific dental area. This specialist focuses on dental pulp treatment. That’s why they can perform more root canal procedures weekly than general dentists. They can complete an average of 25 treatments weekly, while their general counterparts can only do two. Why? Because general dentists focus on more dental challenges.

Specialized Training

Second, these two specialists differ based on their training levels. An endodontist spends two to three more years specializing in their field. Their training focuses on studying diseases that affect the dental pulp and their treatment.

Advanced Technologies

Third, an endodontist in Huntington Beach uses advanced dental technology in their trade. They have specialized equipment customized to make treatment more successful and painless. They also use digital radiography and 3-D imaging to get clearer photos of minute tooth sections.

A Summary of Their Primary Duties

Since you have seen the three main ways these two dental professions differ, this section summarizes their dental roles.


An endodontist primarily focuses on specialized dental procedures that deal with internal structures and tissues of the teeth. Here are some of those duties.

  • They assess you to diagnose and treat tooth pain.
  • They perform routine and complex root canal procedures.
  • An endodontist uses complex imaging equipment, such as X-rays, to detect complications inside a tooth pulp
  • They work with you to formulate a pain treatment plan
  • An endodontist follows up with you to ensure maximum gum and tissue wellbeing
  • Ensuring patients’ comfort during treatment
  • Leading staff and dental assistants in providing oral care to patients and performing complex dental procedures

General Dentist

Here are a general dentist’s primary duties that distinguish them from an endodontist.

  • They evaluate, assess, and educate you on your general oral hygiene and health.
  • A general dentist diagnoses and treats oral diseases like gingivitis and tooth decay.
  • They perform routine cleaning and procedures such as fillings and veneers.
  • Takes mouths, teeth, jaw bone x-rays to determine pain causes.
  • Works with other dental experts like endodontists to enable you to enhance your general dental health.
  • Maintains your records and evaluations to create dental treatment programs.

There you are with the differences between these dental specialists. So, what is the point? General dentists and endodontists are dental experts. They only differ in their scope of dental practice and their specialization. Otherwise, there’s no competition between them. Instead, they are partners in advancing your oral hygiene and health. For instance, a general dentist refers patients to an endodontist when they have dental complications that require specialized attention. So, it’s up to you to use this information to know when to use each dentist’s services.

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