4 Ways To Make Your Workouts More Challenging

Training with the same sets, reps, and weight for too long gets old, and it’s not enough to help you get the best possible results week after week.

If you want to break new strength records, you have to shock your body muscles with some advanced training techniques. Once you tweak your workouts, the intensity level will increase instantly, which can trigger the fibers and exhaust your muscles to develop serious strengths.

So, if you don’t want to get bored with your workout and make it more challenging, below are some of the ways you can consider:

Get Off Your Training Machines

Generally, machine training has many benefits, but it’s much easier to do than free weights. The reason behind it is that machines dictate your movement path, so you just need to be in position and lift the weights in the direction it’ll go.

With the free weights like using the best weighted vest, most musculature of your body is involved in balancing and stabilizing the weight. Such assisting muscles are needed to complete the movement, which burns more calories and makes your workout more challenging.

Switching to free weights, whether it’s squatting, bench pressing, or doing rows and some big lifts, boosts the level of challenge, which can pay huge dividends when it comes to increasing your testosterone’s circulation and other muscle-building hormones.

Strong young man working out with battle ropes in a crossfit gym. Muscular sportsman doing cross excursion with ropes in workout gym. Determined guy using battle rope while doing physical training.

Change Your Workout Intensity

One of the ways to make your workouts more challenging is to change your workout’s intensity in various ways. This is a good option to keep your reps and sets the same but lessen the rest period between sets. Once you do this successfully, it’ll only make your workout harder in the fitness machine you use and may speed up your workout session.

Improve Your Training’s Density

If you do calves or abs at the end of your workout, you might be guilty of skipping over them once you grow fatigued throughout the course of your workout session. So, why not train some of your small muscle groups that may include forearms on leg day or middle delts between sets of some muscle groups you’re training? Oftentimes, this approach is called density training since you’re doing more work simultaneously.

The extra workout exercises aren’t meant to lengthen your workout session. However, it enables you to address your lagging body part or something that you often skip. For instance, instead of taking your usual rest between the bench-press sets, consider throwing in a few sets of calf raises. Also, you can do a set of forearm curls between your sets of leg presses. It enables your major body part to recover while hammering another.

Just take note that there are some exercise combinations that may not work well together in your workout session. For example, doing forearms between sets of chest or back movements may interfere with your gripping strengths. So, ensure that the muscles you’re doing extra work on won’t interfere with the muscles being trained.

Consider Extended-Set Training

Once you consider extended-set training, you’ll use several versions of the same movement in a single set, but you can quickly change your position after hitting failure to make your movement easier as your set progresses.


Your workout may not be as challenging, fun, or effective if your body becomes used to it. So, make sure to keep the above ways in mind for you to get the best possible results from your workout sessions. If you don’t know where to get started, you can ask your fitness trainer for advice or some recommendations.

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