How Talc Powder Exposure Can Be A Health Risk?

For many decades, the use of traditional talcum powder has been considered
harmless— so safe that the majority of mothers used it to keep the bottoms of their
babies dry and some also used it as a hygiene product.

Unfortunately, baby talcum powder is much more harmful than we thought. Studies
have found that asbestos-containing talc has harmful health consequences & put
people at risk of developing various cancers.
Many lawsuits claim a strong connection between deadly ovarian cancer and talcum
powder which is used to dust their tampons, sanitary napkins, and genital areas.

What Is Talcum Powder?

We all are familiar with the talc powder; it is a natural composition of the mineral
magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. It is versatile, prevents friction, helps to absorb
moisture & is inexpensive.

It Is Found In Many Consumer Products Including:

● Body powders
● Cosmetics
● Crayons
● Sanitary pads
● Chalk
● Ceramics
● Paper
● Prescription medications
● Antacids
● Soap
● Paint
● Condoms etc
Unfortunately, some characteristics of talc make it dangerous and cause various

People Exposed To Talcum Powder

People who regularly use talc powder along with the employees who work with talc
powder are the most likely to encounter the harmful side effects of talcum powder.

Below mentioned are at a high risk of getting cancer caused by talcum powder.
● Papermakers
● Pharmaceutical workers
● Chemical Factory workers
● Miners
● People working in the plastic factory
● Construction workers

The indirect exposure to asbestos can have the same dangerous effects as direct
exposure. Families of the people working in these industries & families with babies
who use talc powder are also at risk of talc powder exposure.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a thin, needle-like fibrous naturally occurring mineral with a fluffy
consistency. The properties such as flexible, soft, resistant to corrosion, electricity,
and heat make it an ideal substance for making fireproofs material.
But long exposure to highly toxic asbestos can cause various several health-related
issues. Due to this, most of the countries have banned this material but Asbestos is
not banned in the US.

Health Risks Of Talc Powder

Many researchers are worried about the growing number of talcum powder lawsuits.
Talc powder is one of the reasons for causing lung cancer, ovarian cancer, &

Lung Cancer

The regular use of talc power may end up getting lung cancer as talc is dust
containing fine particles becomes part of the air you breathe and enters your lungs.
Gradually unsafe levels of Asbestos get accumulate in the body increasing the risk of
developing lung cancer.

Many studies suggested that due to long exposure to dust, talc miners are notably at a
higher risk of getting respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

Ovarian Cancer

Women using talcum powder in the genital area are more prone to developing ovarian
cancer. On average, the chances of getting ovarian cancer is one out of every 75

Ovarian cancer is rarely diagnosed at early stages as there is no confirmed procedure
to diagnose for it.
If treated early, there are 93% chances of surviving at least 5 years after a woman is
diagnosed. but these chances are dropping to less than 30%. if cancer has already
spread to other parts of her body.
Besides lung and ovarian cancer, the regular use of talc slightly increases the risk of
other diseases such as uterine (endometrial) cancer in women, especially those who
are past menopause.


Many people use baby talc powder to cut down on friction and absorb moisture to
keep the body dry. It can help prevent skin irritation and rashes.
However, due to the presence of some harmful substances like Asbestos which can
cause cancer, it is time to choose a talc-free alternative such as
● Cornstarch Powder
● Baking Soda
● Tapioca Starch
● Arrowroot
● Kaolin Clay
● Oat Flour etc.

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