How to Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goals on a Carnivore Diet Regimen

Managing your weight and achieving the perfect Body Mass Index (BMI) is every overweight person’s dream.  With obesity rates increasing from 30.5% to 42.4% in the last decade, as per a National Center for Health Statistics report, losing weight is an obsession with most people today. The benefits of weight loss through a carnivore diet are proven, and probably that’s why the increased interest in this all-meat diet.

In the Spotlight

Everyone seems to be going gaga over a carnivore diet, which went viral, thanks to the orthopedic surgeon Shawn Baker, who popularized it as early as 2018. It is an all-meat diet that shuns all vegetables, and dairy also is strictly taboo.

No wonder then that comedian Joe Rogan was willing to give it a 30-day trial recently and came out 12 pounds lighter, besides improvement in a chronic skin condition and boundless energy. Rogan’s Instagram post said that his breakfast included eggs and steak, and dinner meant another steak or wild game like bison.

The Carnivore Diet – What Is There In It?

The carnivore diet comprises a meat-only diet, and fish, and other animal products, but no dairy products. Milk and milk products are not recommended because of the lactose content, which is plain sugar and cannot promote weight loss (it works the other way). The carnivore diet is devoid of plants, including grains, seeds, nuts, beans, vegetables, or fruits.

With no restriction on the quantity, people can feast on meat as much as they want, though a helping or two satiates most people immediately. If you’re going to include more calories, you need to get it from the fat and not the protein. Naturally, you need to choose fattier portions of meat to fulfill the additional calorie requirements.

How Do You Lose Weight on a Carnivore Diet?

It’s relatively easy to figure out – Eliminating most of the other food groups other than meat will leave you less hungry most of the time. Eating smaller quantities at longer intervals means fewer calories consumed. And simple math will tell you that consuming fewer calories is inversely proportional to losing more weight.

Hence, it is no rocket-science that explains how you will lose weight in the short-term while being on the carnivore diet. Of course, a lot of self-control and denial is involved in this exercise. Refusing the snacks and birthday cakes at the office or not munching on the chips or crunchy granola bars is the order of the day, every day.

It all depends on how long you can sustain this diet, as any deviation and gorging on other fatty foods will only bring back all the lost weight with a vengeance.

Yes, it is true that besides losing weight, the carnivore diet is Ambrosia that cures most, if not all, ills. The carnivore diet fans claim that it gives relief from chronic skin conditions, sinus, arthritis, and depression, though there are no long-term studies to back these claims.

However, there is strong evidence of weight loss in the short-term, which can be sustained if the same diet is continued religiously. There are also claims of reversal of symptoms of diabetes and digestive issues, joint pain, and hormonal imbalances, all because of a meat-only diet.

Summing it Up

A meat-only, carnivore diet may be a great idea from the weight-loss point of view, especially for people who are looking for quick solutions for their weight-related issues. However, sustaining this diet, in the long run, could be challenging for some.

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