Is There Something To Gain From Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a form of medicine that was first used in Japan to help ease the symptoms of multiple scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis. It has since grown into a treatment that has shown benefits for those who use their muscles often. Professional athletes and those who do other careers that are physical have seen relief from the physical consequences of their profession. While it is still not considered a medical treatment, it is a therapy that may help those who are putting their body through a hard time physically. Even if you are not a professional athlete, it may benefit you if working out is your passion. Some with mental health issues see a reduction in their symptoms. It is therapeutic like yoga but is not physical.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is simple. You will step into a chamber that is at least 200 degrees below F for two to hour minutes. While being exposed to this temperature can be dangerous, it is not if it’s for a short amount of time. This treatment can be done once a day and is seen to be the most effective if it is practiced on that schedule. this treatment is typically done in the morning; however if you do not have time you can do it in the afternoon or at night. The benefits are numerous. More studies need to be conducted, but those who undergo cryotherapy often see these results:

  • Better Sleep
  • -Weight Reduction
  • -Relief From Depression
  • -Less Anxiety (Especially with Intrusive Thoughts)
  • -Better Looking Skin
  • -Sore Muscle Relief
  • -More Energy

These benefits are mainly coming from testimonials at this point; however, there are a lot of people in western countries who are now participating in it. Many people in the east have been seeing these benefits for a long amount of time.

Is There Discomfort?

As all of us from northern states now, the cold can be uncomfortable. The days with lots of wind are even worse. There is no wind in the chamber. While it may be a bit shocking to the skin, protective gear is given to help make this process more comfortable. People who are participating in this therapy are often given a mask, gloves, earmuffs, slippers, and are not encouraged to do this without clothing. Most discover that this treatment is not extremely uncomfortable. If you have difficulty tolerating it, you can always choose to spend less time in the chamber.

This Is Not Recommended To Be A Stand Alone

This therapy should not be considered a cure or full treatment for medical disorders and diseases. It is highly recommended that you continue to take your medication and practice other forms of therapy. This goes for both mental and physical diseases.

It may be an appropriate stand-alone for those who suffer from aching bodies due to physical fatigue; however, it is wise to seek out other forms of therapy if you do not see enough relief. While it does have positive effects on appearance, this is not considered to be a cosmetic procedure. That does not mean it isn’t acceptable to practice this type of therapy for beauty results alone.

Is It Expensive?

Nothing in this world is free. This procedure does cost money; however, it is not as expensive as you might think. An unlimited membership can be bought from a facility that has the equipment to perform this therapy.

Is It Worth A Try?

For those who would like to see relief from any of the issues this therapy is capable of helping with, it is a worthy therapy to try. Most who try it love it and decide to remain on the regimen. This will never be considered a stand-alone treatment. It is tried and true. Discover whether cryotherapy works for you.

Source: Restore Cryotherapy in Highlands Ranch, CO

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