Mental Health and The Coronavirus Pandemic: What You Should Know


The threat, fear, and uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic are contributing to mental health issues in different classes of individuals. Business owners are worried about their financials, salaried professionals are tensed about their futures and parents are anxious about the future for their kids.

While the popular perception of worry, tension, and anxiety, might be perceived to be unnatural, psychologists and therapists state that it is completely normal. This is a normal human response to any form of threat or fear, and the pandemic is a classic example of the same.

While we hope for a positive outcome to the vaccine and the ending of the pandemic, looking after your mental health during such times is of primary importance.

In this article, we take help from the leading experts at WHO, UNICEF, and CDC and help people come to terms with mental health issues.

List of Ways to Protect Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Acceptance, Recognition, and Acknowledgement-

It is important that as individuals we do not fight the feeling of being stressed, fearful, or depressed. Some of us are dealing with the grief of losing friends and family members, and the same is completely normal and human.

If you have a problem, accept it rather than trying to fight it. Acceptance and recognition of the problem will go a long way to help you address the issue at hand. Most people around you are feeling the same and hence you should not consider yourself as weak.

Get a Credible Distraction which is Productive-

According to therapists, there are some issues that you cannot do anything about, while there are others where some productive things can be done. Vaccine development, governmental policies, etc. are sad things that normal individuals cannot do anything about.

However, on the other hand, we can always find something that can help us distract ourselves in a positive light. Finding a new hobby, learning a skill, etc. are some ways we can feel positive about our state of things. This is very important according to experts.

Take help from Certified Therapy Professionals-

There is no shame in talking to a psychologist or a therapist to deal with the present state of things. In fact, family counselling from In Focus can help you in multiple ways. Talking about your issues in front of experts who exactly understand what you go through is a healthy strategy.

This can help you adjust your viewpoint, be grateful for the things that you have, and ensure that you have all the resources to build your life back together. Individuals should not delay seeking help from experts and online counselling can help in this regard.

Stay Connected with Friends and Family members-

While your part of the world might still be in lockdown and social distancing is something, we should all practice, you should stay connected. This means using video conferencing and personal messaging apps to talk to friends and family members regularly.

Sharing experiences, seeing kids, and enquiring about what they have been up to might just encourage you to start doing something similar. Family and friends can be a great support system during these tough times and there is no harm in seeking help from them.

Understand that you are ‘Special’-

For the longest time in your life, you have borne the responsibility of looking after others. It can be your children, your parents, or your partners. With the pandemic allowing some of our extra time on our hands, why not use the same to focus on ourselves.

You always wanted to learn to play the guitar, well you should go ahead and do it. Or, you wanted to paint, again, just go ahead. Concentrating on yourself can be a very exhilarating experience.

The Final Word

Mental health is a serious issue and should be taken seriously. If you are fearful of being judged, you can always request your therapist for anonymity. Connecting with your inner self, dedicating some time to your family, and picking up a new skill can help you improve your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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